Monday, November 9, 2009

Today you shared with me about life.

"In everything you do, any decisions you ought to make, think about its eternal value."

If we live a life full of earthly riches, fulfilling our worldly hungers, yet without any eternal value, are we truly happy?

You told me about Joseph in the Bible. He waited 13 years for his dream to come true yet everything he did along the waiting, were all wholly depended on God. He endured everything because he knew they were meant for an eternal purpose, of great eternal value.

I said, to live a life full of eternal values, first we need to make sacrifices. Sacrifice a little, maybe a lot.

You agreed, but that's also the reason why so many people are still in reluctant to turn their eyes upon things of eternal value.

We both knew, our future will only be meaningful, if we step into the eternal lifestyle. Wholeheartedly.

We pondered over a cup of bubble tea in a noisy cafe. But I know God is talking to our hearts.

Just that this time, we both listened.

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