Sunday, May 31, 2009


How come the flight tickets are getting cheaper when the date gets closer?
something to do with mr. swine?

shall I press the button or not?

It seems inviting though...
it's so much cheaper!!
argh... >.<

Friday, May 29, 2009

Irish farewell

Finnegan's Irish Pub
Food was ok..good ambiance, great music + hot angmos.

camera not working well. so pics are like taken during an earthquake.

Last day of the studying semester.

Empty glasses
and a bunch of awesome peeps.

Loving uni life.

An eventful day too...
we got a drunk monitor
car keys in the car boot
HD scholar rocking in hot pants
lastly a RM687.70 bill.

full stop.

No more uni assignments.
For real.
Let me get use to this.

i wonder how we got through all these craziness?
give yourself a clap mates.



症状:睡眠不足,精神恍惚,不接电话,不应约会,网上潜水,早去早回 etc.
最佳药方:拉铁1杯,Nescafe 3in1也行。



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ba Zhang Jie~

I purposely bought a du dou and red flair pants to dress up a "chinese" mush.
And the kat zai tree, chinese drum and ornaments.

Lastly, ofcz need to buy ba zhang.

Mush says: ho jiak~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It has been a while...

since I last sit down quietly and think through about life.
I always wonder why,
it's the same table, same settings, same songs playing through the same headset.
The feeling is not there anymore.

I have drawn away for quite long,
I have been settling for a comfortable life.

If life is a straight path heading towards the goal,
with many obstacles along the way.
I have been choosing the detour instead of conquering what's in front.

Too many alternative paths have been taken.
My choice has always been the easiest way out.
I've strayed away from the main path and I can barely see where I am going anymore.

I need to reactivate my GPS...
It has been rusty...I don't know if it works anymore?
But at least I should try...

God.Positioning.System ---- activated.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I broke a record

broke a record of 100 metres sprint.
I think I never ran so fast before...

the most complicated Pharmacology report to date submission --- on time!

I nearly dropped dead after my report paper slipped gracefully into the assignment box.
And for the next hour... I stoned with a blank look.

I did it again. Another LAST minute submission. I'm not sure how many times more I can endure this kind of life.
Jing said: You've surpassed your threshold...yet again!

I think human being is a fantastic creation. We can actually stretch ourselves so much.
There are unlimited potentials in us, awaiting to be unleashed.

Although my kind of 'unleashing potential' is not exemplary...
but embarrassingly, I look at today's achievement in awe.

Anyway, let's not celebrate too soon.
Wait till the results are out.

p/s: I think pervant's story is lagi canggih. >.<

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Second best

Someone said to me today:

"Don't ever compromise your potential, aim for the best and never settle for second best."

I agree, to a certain extend.

So how if life only takes you to your second best?

I always believe God can make the best out of everything.

Never frown at your current situation,
you might not be where you want to be,
but you are not where you used to be anymore.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


5:00pm - 2000words literature review due.
4:00pm - 1309 words.
4:30pm - 1309 words.

whatever...print first.

4:35pm - sudden down pour of rain.
4:40pm - printer ran out of ink.

Option 1: Replace ink cartridge, print, drift to uni = late submission
Option 2: Drift to uni, hunt for computer, queue for printer = late submission
Option 3: Smash the printer, curl up at corner, cry = late submission

Life is full of options, useless options.

4:45pm - Jing sms: I got your review, printed, handed in.
5:00pm - replace ink cartridge, curl up at a corner, give thanks to God.

Coming to the final final days of uni..
I concluded that without you guys...I can't survive.

Jing: Always kena rush like hell to hand in assignment for me. Even when you are occupied with your own work, you never say no for helping me. T__T

Ming: Provide me with report examples whenever I need them, my midnight partner & alarm clock..

HXuan: My poor partner..always have to do most of the assignment loads. Pleas forgive this non-contributing partner..

MHui: Entertaining me during stressful times..always the cheerful angel.

Sophia: Thanks for helping me with the method of reviewing the articles..

My darling: although u don't understand what is Bacillus licheniformis, but you stay up all night giving me all the support I needed.

Dear Father in heaven...tough time won't last, but tough people last forever.
I am tough because of all the people you place around me, they held me strong.

Darling, jing, ming, hxuan, mhui, sophia: THANK YOU...T__T

Monday, May 11, 2009

For V.

[Backdated post]

This day last year, we embarked on a wonderful traveling journey together.

We traveled on a train from Brisbane to Gold Coast (12 stations) with a 4 stations ticket and survive 2 rounds of police checks.

We reached the airport realizing it was closing down and ought to stay out in a WINTER NIGHT.

We reached Sydney without doing any research on where to go but finally ended up in so many wonderful places.

We got up the wrong train, got conned and ran like hell with our huge luggage chasing for our flight back to Melbourne.

We boarded the plane finally at the wee last minute and both thank God and nearly cried.

We camwhored like there's no tomorrow and got ourselves memorable and nice pictures.

Miss those days and definitely looking forward for the next!
I treasure the memories we shared so much :)
I believe after many years down the road, we will still laugh out loud thinking of these experiences.

Happy Birthday to you biao jie~
It's such a blessing having a big sister like you.

(I can't face my fattening self during that time so I chose not to post up the pics, the shadows are nice anyway ;p)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For J.

When we were young...
we like to make new friends.
we enjoy attending birthday parties.
we prefer to meet friends "in bulk".

When we grow older...
we miss our old time buddies.
we avoid parties & meetings which lack personal touch.
we want quality time with just one or two close friends.

Friends are like wine...the longer you preserve, the finer the taste.
Friends come and go. A well preserved friendship is so rare nowadays.
12 years down the road, you have always been there.
Always, just a call away.
Thank you, so so much.

I know you read my blog now...
so here's a post dedicated for you.

Happy Birthday Jason Kok!
you are one awesome man! this pic.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Talking to myself.

The feeling of being very very very unproductive kills me.
when laziness strikes, I just can't help it and drown..

Guess I have to play the China national anthem in my head constantly.


Friday, May 8, 2009


Found an interesting snack...

Zhang Jun Ya xiao mei mei~ what a name!
Actually it's just a Taiwan version of Mamee!Although it taste not as good as Malaysia's Mamee..but this xiao mei mei is cuter than Mamee Monster lar..hehe