Tuesday, December 30, 2008



this is the most said word when I saw her in the drama

still watching... WALAU E.....

Sunday, December 28, 2008


After 11 years, I watched this movie on HBO again.
To many people today, It's a classic romance.
To many people at that time, it's a dreadful tragedy.

I remember I cried like nobody cares 11 years ago when I saw Jack died.
Today, I cried again.
Not for the hopelessly romantic couple.

I cried for the dedicated musicians,
they played cheerfully for the panic crowd
they played mournfully for those who were left behind.

I cried for those who forced to accept their fate.
I cried for those who fought to survive.

People spent years and years, tears and sweat to build their lives.
Some people had too much and seek for death.
Some people never have enough and trying so hard to survive.

How many people really understands that
"the dust returns to the ground it came from
the spirit returns to God who gave it"

I don't.
So we continue to lead life in our own ways.
No one is expecting Titanic to sink.
Like no one is expecting their lives to perish.

In the end, I cried for the 7 survivors pulled out of the water after Titanic sunk.
1250 perished.
there were 2o life boats around, only 1 came back for the survivors.

When the end comes,
how many of us will go back for the lost?
1 boat?

I cried.

mush talk: Try listening to "The Hymn to to Ocean" So solemn...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Love Christmas

Christmas season is a season of love and giving.
A time we spend with our love ones.
Well.. my Christmas day started a bit late
(because Christmas eve ended VERY late ;p)

Jo and I decided to bring granny and sam yee to join us exploring
Tropicana City Mall.
I can't believe I have a SHOPPING MALL next to my house!! >.<
But...it seems so near, yet so far ..
We have to go all the way out to NKVE to make it to the entrance.
Granny said: "might as well walk there lah!"
i know she's joking.
it's not really "next" to our house like SS2 Bomba =.="
very spacious...too spacious...
many shops are yet to be opened. well...I'm just waiting for GSC~
(how many times i have to say this!!
Cinema next to my house!! SO AWESOME!! >,<) all of us there.
We had a not so good late lunch in a not so famous cafe.
anyway, no harm trying.

Jo and I decided to make the day by going for a decent Christmas dinner.
We went to Souled Out, Sri Hartamas. so random. hehe
aww...I don't need food to keep me alive ;p
Spent great time together, talk through something deep.
This is the 6th year spending Christmas with you,
and you are as loving as always.
(ahem..ok..and handsome..as always ;p)

*I'm very reluctant to let Christmas to be over
but yes...it ended
with peace , love and hope.
just like the day baby Jesus was born, 2008 years ago.

A glimpse of Campus Christmas Countdown
wait til I get all the pics from Mic.

mush talk: I'm thinking of going for a part time job...I know I won't get pass my mom easily. But at least I should try to stand for myself...for once..maybe?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday

to You Jesus.

mush talk: Campus Christmas Countdown was awesome. Have yourself a merry little Christmas dear.

Monday, December 22, 2008


well..with this not so nice invitation card..
welcome to Campus Christmas Countdown~

I know no one reads this blog.. but just for me to syok sendiri..
I tell you..I'm seriously getting nervous now.

*fingers cross*

Dear Jesus, it's Your big day.. We really want to do it good for You.
Be with us ya :)

mush talk: This is weird..i actually feel nervous doing this again. Maybe i have not been blogging for a whole YEAR. I lost my flow of words and im not feeling good about it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Yea...talking about birthday, I've had terrible experiences with my birthdays.

I received a call from the hospital while i was about to cut my cake
The house was empty in seconds, rushing to the hospital
I was left alone with my cake... weeping over my uncle's death.
That was the day when i turned 14.

I was enjoying a sleepover in my best friend's house
She told me that he never liked me
Still putting on a smile during the sleepover..
Went home and cried like hell over the broken pieces of my heart.
That was the day when I turned 15.

I was holding a cup of ice blended mocha in Coffee Bean
My best friend told me that she has an admirer
and I am his admirer
Hell...I went home and patched plasters over my wounded heart again.
That was the day when i turn 16.

I'm officially 22 now, those days were so far away.

As for now, I give thanks every moment for God's blessing over my life.

He put me in such great family, full of love and care.
they are watching TV in this pic...he camera was on he TV =.=

I have cheeky family members too...
Uncle Lazarus & family brought me for Earthquake ;p

Although u all always call me "ning ann jie", but I am always welcome to join the fun.
I feel young and naive again being with u guys :)

My favorite people. Always there for me.
I love serving together with u all~
so happy..although i'm still a professional lonkang cleaner

I thank God everyday for u guys
"Campus Cell is my family"
i'm so sorry to spoil the surprise...haahahhhahaa....
u guys r sooooo farny....esp u la pyee

You are the best thing God has given to me
and the most hopelessly romantic person on earth
i love the flowers on my fence at 12am
i love the bday card made fr television box paper
i love mush mush

22 blessed years
because I have all of you by my side

mush talk: I'm sick of wrapping hampers...80 more to go! =.="

Friday, December 19, 2008

a mush start

This is spontaneous.
A random decision.
Let's welcome me back...
I should stay long this time :)

his name is mush,prezzie fr jo

this is gonna be awesome

mush talk: I am haunted by my sleeping pattern...and it's not going to change any soon. blame stupid latte.