Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rrrrrabbit Year~

hm...mush feels threatened. 
kinda like this rabbit...let's give her a name.
too too~ 

ok this ba gua smell in the air is making me sick.

Happy TOO year! 
(too = rabbit)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be loved everyone.

Only Hope by Mandy Moore

"A Walk to Remember"

Came across this clip...and it brought me back to this movie.
I remember I read the book and cried like a baby.
Then the movie made me cry even more :p

A very touching and meaningful story... A story about 2 different lives, crossing each other's path.
There's hopes, dreams, love, regrets... there's God.
Although the story ended with a sad tone, but it's really a story telling how amazing our God is.

There's a very special part when Landon flipped through the year book and found out Jamie's ambition:

"To witness a miracle."

How many of you out there, working hard, struggling through, crying for something to happen, begging for something to change...
How about a prayer to witness a miracle?

A miracle of hope, life, love.

To the world, you may be just one person.
But to one person, you are the world.
He's our Heavenly Father.

Never give up will you?

Lay my head back down,
Lift my hands and pray
to be only Yours.

p/s: you know, I'm feeling like writing a love story, a happily ever after love story. It's how all love stories should end. :) Be loved everyone.

Friday, January 7, 2011

morning. goodnight

2nd time in this week.
There's only one thing that will keep me awake til this hour:
designing stuffs for church.

Maybe some may say, nah... it's just a youth bulletin.
You don't have to put in so much effort...

For me,
designing anything is a part of my journey to the DREAM.
Many a times my "clients" will throw me projects and say:
I just want a simple draft, just simply do okay?

Then I will end up like now...
clicking, shortcut key-ing, squeezing my poor eyes in front of the computer.

I just can't "simply" finish any project...
It's a stubborn stupid principle of mine.

I'll give my best whenever I have a chance to do something,
let it be just a little thing...
which will bring me one baby step closer to my dream...

One day,
When people ask about what I do...

"I'm an artist."

*ehem, artist to be exact. :)

gosh, the simple thought of it makes me gay~ I mean happy, just in case :p

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello 2011.

I have not been blogging. I just saw a total of 52 posts for the past year and it is not even half of the total for 2009. Well, at least there's one post a week on average.

Had a quick glance through what I have recorded for the past year.
Joy, tears, struggles, victories.
Ah... life :)

I actually asked myself this questions weeks ago:
What do I actually feel about everything for 2010?
My answer was: WHAT A MESS!

Well, I have been busy, unorganized, sloppy and most of the time, angry at myself.
Allow me to give myself a big hug *hugs* :)

I started off the first day of 2010 in a leaders retreat camp, got very discouraged on certain things.
Came back and got very sick... :(

Jan: Went on mission trips to Mantin & Seremban - Started to appreciate what we have in church and learn to serve others.

Mac: Onn & Jia got married. | 11 days in Taiwan - a roller coaster ride spiritually & emotionally.

Apr: Work | OK photoshoot experience | Mission trip to Kluang & Batu Pahat

May: More Work | Mission trip to Kota Bahru | En Tong & JC's wedding | 1st sharing experience in Dream Factory

June: iCampus members got baptized | A4J

July: ITEC New Intake started=a lot of work | Dream Factory Anniversary - Broke a record of 100 salvation

Aug: Mission trip to Mantin & Seremban

Sept: TODAY Camp | iCampus Mid Autumn Evangelistic Meeting

Oct: Taiwan Again

Nov: OK Wedding Banquet- 1st experience being an emcee | Hectic crazy working schedule | Crazy things happened to a family member- turned my family upside down overnight | IMPACT Camp

Dec: Mission trip to Kota Bahru | <4320> Christmas Production - 1400 attended, 135 saved.

I got deeply discouraged and madly disappointed with myself for not being a good daughter to my parents, a good staff, a good cell group leader,  a good girlfriend, a good servant of God...

I tried too hard to be "good" and eventually forgot to be "me".
IMPACT CAMP is my turning point.
There's where I started to shift my focus from myself to the Creator.
And miraculously everything just turns out alright...

I am surprise that I manage to pull myself through nearly the whole year in such a mess.
Then the beautiful story came in, Jesus was carrying me through during the toughest time.

Father, You are truly amazing.
I can tell the world with my head held high:
I am totally set free, blessed and anointed to serve my God.

2011, I welcome you with an open heart and do the ONE thing that is needful: to choose the better blessing by pleasing Your heart above all else. (Luke 10:38-42)

Quote from Peg
" This year WILL be a year of stepping into the supernatural, it WILL be a year of dreaming with God of all the impossibilities and seeing it come to past"

An EXCITING and AMAZING journey begins!