Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Read this post with high speed.

*Knock knock*

Me: Hi doctor...
Doc: Teay Ning Ann is it? Sit sit..
Me: *sits*
Doc: What happen?
Me: Flu...yesterd...
Doc: Got fever?
Me: ... Er...
Doc: *Stuck thermometer into my ear* Nevermind I check. *Pulls out thermometer* Hm no fever..yet.
Me: ...Oh...and..
Doc: *Points torchlight at my nostrils*  Hm nose blocked.
Me: ...ya..
Doc: *Stuck wooden stick into my mouth* Say AA....
Me: ...aaaAa..
Doc: oh got red.. soar throat..
Doc: I will give you medication for your cough..flu..throat..something for your nose..and take antibiotic..
*Scribble scribble on the screen* dunsleepunderthefan...noaircondalso..drinkmorewatersleepandrest....
Me: .......
Doc: want mc?
Me: .... no...
Doc: okthat'sitbyebye.
Me: bai.

This whole conversation lasted about 2 min or less.
I wonder did he manage to look at me for a second or not.

The next thing was...RM65 flew out of my purse and a bag full of ill-tasting candies and syrup followed me home.

Jo said the man inside the clinic is not a doctor..he's just someone with the license to give you drugs.
I think he knew what to give me right after I said the word "flu"..the other diagnosis steps are just procedures.
2 mins = RM65... Doctors just go open your own clinic...good money.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A post for March

My head is so blank I really don't know what to write.
Gotta make it a point to write at least one pathetic post for each month.
So...A random design for a new blog header.
Like it? :)

Oh ya. Maybe one reminder for myself:
My God loves me so much, that He sent angels all around me.
Thank you mommy, darling, Ps Chu, Ps Meng, CPM team & iCampus.
I am too blessed like a little flower under a warm shelter. I shall be strong, be joyful and bless others.