Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of all nights

A long post-Deleted.

I will not proclaim negativity in my life!
and of course not to my dear friends who might read them.

The title remained though...

Of all nights,

Why tonight when I need to wake up at 8am tomorrow???

Insomnia attack @@

Monday, June 28, 2010

mush talk

abandoned my blog for some time.
a new header & background.

When World Cup calls your name!

"I've booked a table for 8 tonight 10pm Germany vs England."
Being a football dummy, this was my first time watching a match with the fans.

"I'm supporting England so you must support Germany!"
So I accidentally supported a winning team.

oo yea. it feels good.

p/s: I was sms-ing my dad while watching the match.
me: Germany-1
Dad: Nearly 2!
me: 2 NOW! HAHA!
me: Woohoo! 4-1! Unexpected!
Dad: Woohoo! 4-1! EXPECTED!

such a nice bonding with dad :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

zai jian xiao hong.

I tend to have emotional attachment to non-living objects.

I gave my car away today. Actually it's my brother's car but I am the one who is driving it most of the time :p
He is the first car I drove after getting my P license. Little but strong.

I knew he will be traded in for a new car last week.
Not until yesterday when the car dealer called, I'm still cool about the whole thing.

So yesterday I drove him out til late night.
Then I realized I need to clear out my things before handing him over.
Dug out so many rubbish, coins, parking tickets etc...
then I realized I have been ill-treating him for quite some time :p

The car was emptied, all car stickers removed..
Suddenly he looked so lonely... covering in dust. empty.

09.06.2010, 4pm - I handed the keys to my brother and he will do the "giving away" part.

I miss him already.
Thanks for being a shelter, on sunny or rainy days.
Thanks for giving rides to my family, friends, church members & maybe strangers.
Thanks for bringing me places.

You know,
so many people feel sad when they knew about your leave.
You have been a blessing to all of us.
You served us well, little red warrior!

I love you Little Red.
Our family loves you too.

Farewell. Hope to see you around, this time with a better owner.