Wednesday, March 25, 2009

when you see nice photographs...

do you know how much effort photographers put in?

Read about this photogrpaher in Ant's blog. (btw Ant is a great photographer)
Ben Chrisman

Learn to climb trees before learning how to take good photos..

When you see romantic pictures from engagement albums...

Do you know how many eyes are starring at the poor couple?
embarassing betul..

This artistic shot from a very unique angle...

gets all photographers lying flat on the ground eating dust...

People around me probably knew that I love photography.
I love. But not pro.
There's a Chinese saying: to perform a task well, we must sharpen our tools.
I'm still praying for my DSLR. I can see it coming.
Dropping from the sky or whatever...

Photography. Graphic Design. Music. Band. Sketches. Drama. Filming. Multimedia.

Ok, so where to put Pharmacology, Molecular Biotechnology, Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physiology?

I wonder.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Turn off the lights *hey* turn off the lights

I have this really really bad habit.
Whenever I have assignments due very soon, I blog.

Nah, screw it. Nothing is more important than SAVING PLANET EARTH!!

Earth Hour.
I remember participating in Melbourne last year.
Environment care is very common in Australia. Everybody practices it everyday.

Green bags for shopping
We use green bags. Not plastic bags.
To encourage more people using green bags, plastic bags in Australia are SUPER THIN!
A carton of milk and a box of cereals can break your bag =.=.
IKEA does it the hard way. They don't give out plastic bags!! So either you bring your own, or you buy paper bags/the Ikea straw bag there.
No money? Carry your lamp/trash bin/toilet brush home just like that.

Recycle bins
Recycle bins in Australia are for REAL.
Recycle bins in Malaysia are for display purpose.
Well...not all of them lah..
In Australia, we have 3 trash bins in the house.
1 for plastics & paper, 1 for organic leftovers, 1 for the yang lain-lains..

To sum up, people around the world are really putting this into action.
What about us?
If you have not done anything to support environment saving activities, you have a chance!
Support Earth Hour this coming Saturday (28th March 2009)
Simple, turn off the lights for 1 hour starting from 8:30pm.
To go even further, turn off all electrical appliances.

This is not just you, THE WHOLE WORLD is turning black for 1 hour together!
To participate in this meaningful event, Sign up!
Be one of the 5 million participant in Malaysia.

Well, so we are having one hour of darkness this Saturday. What to do?
There are many interesting blogs about what to do during the Earth Hour.
You can't go shopping, because 1 Utama, IKEA, Ikano, The Curve,Sunway Pyramid...all black.
You can't go for coffee, Because Starbucks also black.
Even Google is going black!

I think the best thing is drive to KL(Don't take LRT, KL Sentral station is going black too),
see the city goes dark while listening to Nelly Furtado's "Turn of the light".

See Twin Towers disappear in the darkness. Awesome.

It's not a matter of which country you came from.
It's a matter of what planet you live in.
Together, we can fight global warming. Support Earth Hour.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally, the trailer!!

Billy, I salute you!
Kevin, I salute you too!
Everyone involved, I salute x1000 you all!!

p/s: another trailer coming up soon.
blog in details about Easter Drama 2009 Production later..
I'm too tired..we worked on it for 5 consecutive hours today again..
thanks so much for your commitment drama team! Thx Jason for uploading too.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Going the extra mile

Not out of obligation
Not out of responsibility
Not out of guilt

Learn to do things
out of love.

Friday, March 20, 2009




ping yiu,谢谢你啦!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

So far..

I attended every classes everyday.
That's something unusual when it comes to week 3...

I grew to love uni life a little bit more.
That's something unusual when it comes to my last semester here...

I gave out nearly 20 invitation card in a week.
(ok not's Easter Musical)
5 confirmed on the spot.
That's something unusual when it comes to church event invitation...

I start to spend more time on people around me.
Going the extra miles for them.
That's something unusual after so many years of GGP syndrome.

I know it's not by might, not by power.
It's by the spirit of God.

I can feel that more unusuals are coming...
I can feel that the change I prayed for is taking place.
Be it in the spiritual or physical realm, it's definitely changing.

Ok...It's 2am.
I'm still stuck with the 3 reports due tomorrow 10am.
Brain is still empty while test is on tomorrow 10am.
and I'm staring at my empty coffee cup, blogging.
This is -__- |||

Friday, March 13, 2009

He got himself a new toy

I don't fancy techno stuffs. I don't spend money on techno stuffs.
I own a so so mobile phone and a reasonably-okay laptop.
I don't understand why some people throw in thousands for a pda phone which only serve the purpose of calling, sms, taking poor quality photos and maybe some internet surfing. Some more with GPS system which show the wrong direcion most of the time. (ok, in Malaysia.)
Just like some guys don't understand why ladies go chasing after brown bags with boring alphabets prints.

But, this... changed everything.

TH's new toy
I think it looks a bit like the Eve robot from Wall-E.

iPhone 3G.

It's coming to Malaysia.
I am so tempted.
It's all your fault TH!! >.<
Well...I admit, you won't understand the temptation until you start using it.

for those who wants to know more about iPhone 3G Maxis plans click here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For You.

All of us will die one day.
That's why we shall live on,
no matter how hard it is.

My hope is found on the cross.
It's not easy to explain.
It's not easy to express.
I am so proud to be a Christian.
I am so proud to be Your child.
Yes, so proud of You as my Heavenly Father.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


11pm才开始排位,布景。地点:Green Meadow Corp Office.

很pik chek的导演Kevin & 也很pik chek 的录影师Billy

拍戏最怕NG... 但为了几秒的好镜头,往往NG几百次。




男主角笑到趴墙渌地 ...


敬请期待PCS2 Drama Ministry年度巨作

Coming Soon. Only in PCS2.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009