Thursday, July 22, 2010



this is the second night.
should I call this alert/disturbed/confused/excited?

I know great change is coming my way.
I just hope I'm prepared... or at least semi-ready.

some said I'm over-reacting.
Yes I am super allergic.
I admit.

Sometimes when confirmation is luxury
we just have to go with the flow.

I don't understand my increasing heart rate
I couldn't stop the butterflies in my stomach

I need STRONG sedative drugs.

I am not sick.
I am not depressed.
I am just...

It's a positive thing. don't worry.

Are you ready?

A great storm is on its way
Small splashes are accumulating into huge waves
they might destroy & drown you

So get your surf board
ride the wave
prepare to go to greater heights

For He is the King of the rising ocean
we will soar with Him above the storms

Be still
for I know that You are God.

p/s: those are Gucci shades xD

Thursday, July 15, 2010

dream job

for details and better view click here

A chance for you to ditch your 9-5 job and pursue your DREAM JOB!

but you only can choose 3 from the above 15 to kick start your dream-catcher journey.

I think my choice would be:
1) Travel Writer
2) Photo Journalist
2) Wedding Planner

What's yours?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another one.

忽然一个Youth Club的旧成员传来一则信息。
被吓一跳,皆因平时都会把Chatroom调Offline, 要不是py小姐说要我On我都不会收到这则可能令我更加睡不着的信息。

LY: 你记得高龙吗?
Me:记得, 怎么了?


LY: 他走了。

我们认识应该是在Youth Club刚成立的时候。

高龙... 宁恩姐一定会记得你。

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010


There's once we met up with a friend telling us his struggles in relationship.
He mentioned that he just want to be "neutral", he doesn't want to be too serious,
he wants her to feel that she has all the free will and comfort in playing around with him & the other guy. He is not letting go but not pulling back..
Beating around the bush, ups & downs, twist & turn...
(In fact, we all grew tired listening to his whining :p)

Then suddenly he popped a question:
"So what is your opinion, Jo?"

"My friend, you gotta know that I am a VERY RADICAL person."
I love his answer.

Do not be afraid to be a radical person.

The majority is afraid to take a stand.
They do not want to choose side.
They want to stay in between.
Maybe it's a safe area. Zero risk, zero miracles.

It's either black or white, it is not okay to be grey.

Don't you feel tired standing on the fence?


Don't just give a spark, set up a FIRE!!

Don't just take a step, go ALL OUT!!

Don't just work on your dream, FIGHT for it!!

Don't just be passionate, go CRAZY for what you believe in!

Some of you might freak out reading this. My sincere apologies. We are preparing to go into deep waters, the unknown, where MIRACLES are.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


In one service during A4J Conference, Ps Philip shared about "Faith = Selah"

Selah simply means pause/rest in musical terms. Faith spells R.E.S.T.

You know, some of us have great expectations attending revival conferences like this. We are waiting for dynamic speakers to bring forth some POWERFUL, LOUD, FAITH-FILLED messages that will stir us up, pump up our faith and motivate us to do more!

Likewise, as a typical Church leader, I cleaned my ears and prepared my spirit to receive the powerful anointing/divine intervention/fire of revival...yadada. you mention it.


Yes, God gave me a lot of BUTs recently.

We saw Ps Philip, pulling out a PILLOW, from the hotel by the way, from his bag.

Lay it flat on the stage, and asked Ps Jonathan, his poor interpreter, to lie beside him on the pillow.

He said:

"Faith is not about pumping hard on your believe. Faith is not pushing yourself too hard to be an acceptable Christian."

Faith is rest.

Faith is being able to rest in your problems.

You are able to cast it all to God, knowing He will provide and take care of the things which you cannot see.

Then he started to sing (still lying down with his pillow)

” I wait on God to bring to pass,

all He has promised me.

And as I wait,

I rest in faith in what I cannot see.

For in His way He will provide,

at just the perfect time,

everything that’s good and right

For in His way He will provide,

to bless this life of mine.”

Tears...coming from every single cell of my being, overwhelmed me.

Some people around me were laughing at his act.

But I deeply felt what God is trying to tell me.

Ps Philip pastors 70 churches with over 40,000 members. He is radical and that brings a lot of threat to him.

But he says: "My 2nd most powerful spiritual weapon (His bible being his 1st), pillow!"

The song he sang, is his all time favorite lullaby. He sings himself to sleep. He put all his problems & worries outside. His bedroom is his secret place, his intimate sanctuary where God's peace surrounds.

You are no hero if you can defeat thousand men & move mountains.

A true courageous person, a real strong man, is one who knows how to let go, and let God.

My tears literally flow throughout the service. Many times I trained myself to be a tough girl.

I am a tough girl in my family because I bear the responsibility of their salvation.

I am a tough girl in the office as I run all the tasks and make sure everything is on time.

I am a tough leader in church because I have members to take care off.

That day, God just want me to

His little girl, who is soft & fragile, knows no evil, knows no responsibility & obligation.

He just want me to dwell in His presence, knowing that He loves me more than anyone else, and knowing that I love Him too, as my Big Daddy, who can make all things right, who will carry me through.

There are times to strive, there are also times of rest.

If you feel weary, defeated, disappointed...

Let's not try to get angry at yourself being weak & useless. Let's not try to motivate yourself by pumping hard on your decreasing faith.

You deserve a good rest.

Let our Heavenly Father renew your strength and tell you that He will bring to pass, all He has promised you.


Pik Chek.

"If I fail to come out with the script this Sunday, you can go ahead and kill me."


Me: Dear Mr. Director...spare my life please T_______T

Director: "You better go choose a nice picture for your tombstone."

ML: "Where's the flyer design?"

Me: "Ok ok... This Sunday!"

ML: "You said that LAST week."

Me: " Oops I did it again."


No... everything is so behind time.
Pull me out of this shit...SOMEONE!!