Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY Day 2 & 3


As mush talked in last post, CNY day 2 is KUNG FU DAY~
We got some complementary tickets to "Happy Shaolin Legend" Kung Fu Musical Drama...sort of..ha.. VVIP tickets somemore, how good it is :)

So you can see monks dancing with their kung fu moves
or they are doing their kung fu in dancing moves?
the story revolves around the life of a Shaolin monk.
How he went under his master, learn about kung fu and wisdom in life,
resisting temptation, achieving "Zen" and finding joy.

See... this is just like when we were young
feeling very high after watching kung fu shows
but xuan is holding his half-eaten fan shu & feng with the umbrella
mempersiasuikan betul.

He is the youngest actor in the show, lead actor le wei.

Then we went to stay a night in Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi
you know..peak season, people everywhere...
the room we booked in advance kena taken.
no choice...

really big bird jumping around the street.
so AWESOME French-style 3 bed rooms suite!
The suite is soooo HUGE....
Can you see the JACUZZI?? yo!! >.<
and we got it for a super low price..
want to know how? dun wan tell you.


another family portrait there
we are one big crazy family

French Village morning...chill~Japanese Tea House
actually we've been here for N times, sien abit.
but we discovered this new thing!

see we so OMM!
also very siahsui lar...haha
we tried out everything and came out with bruised hands, sprained ankles, backache and dirty bums. what joy!

then we went to our supplier's organic farm to get veges

first time trying freshly plucked mulberry >.<!

we went home super exhausted and extremely happy!

what? I didn't talk much on the Shaolin Kung Fu Show?
Well... frankly speaking, not much of excitement for me
the storyline is also a bit too boring.
they put up a lot of basic kung fu steps but lack of kung fu stunts
Maybe we've watched too much Shaolin Kung Fu on TV teeheee.

BUT.... I find this very very amusing.

goodness gracious
tell me they are not kung fu pandas from "Kung Fu Panda"

mush talk: hmm..I think I am really enjoying CNY this year. Bai Nian tomorrow! okiameatingallthetimeimustprayveryhardandaskgodtocastawaytheevilfatsasap

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reunion and First Day

Chinese New Year has always been a major event for our family.
Enjoy some pictures taken during reunion dinner & 1st day of CNY.


The variety and amount of food made us Fatt Choi
"Fat San Choi" (肥身材)

It was wonderful...great food great company
grandma said next year she's not cooking anymore
so smart me came out with a brilliant idea
all of us grandchildren will contribute a dish

but end up with the menu of:
Viv - Half boiled egg
Ann - Steam egg
Sam Yee - Scramble egg
Mian & Fren - Fried egg
Xuan - Fu Yong Dan

So grandma swallow back her words.

First Day of CNY

Since everybody is all dressed up
off we went to The Curve
I seriously think all shopping malls are cutting budget on CNY deco.


The Teays

The Leongs. The Big Chin. The Small Chins
A word for you:
I felt a little for you...
9 years ago there was 4
last years there was 3
mayb u will later on be the only one with us
but we really do love you very much

The old Chins


Photos came out funny and failed when...

one person is ready but everyone is not ready

everyone is ready but one person is too happy

or one person is too happy and make everyone else not ready

Chinese New Year has always been the glue for our family
we get together and bond closer
We all know the very reason why we gather around every year
After reunion dinner that night
I went into grandma's room to massage her legs
she told me that this is the best CNY ever for her
I can feel that she is truly happy to see us together
I don't know how many years she will be around...
so I promise myself
I want to make her happy every year

I love my family

very much, seriously.


mush talk: Shao-Lin Kungfu tomorrow woohoo~

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year is around the corner...

and I'm so stuck in the shop working til 10-11pm every night.
Come home and find myself either stuck in front of the TV or laptop
doing random stuffs... til wee morning..
Where is my summer holiday?

My colleague is planning to take an early leave this Friday
means I need to take her place and go no where.
Customers busy buying new year stuffs and sweep their cards like Touch n Go..

Drive to shop...jam parking everywhere...bak gua smell everywhere...

some people is really good at discouraging people..
just a simple reply will drown me 1000 feet under.
well, mayb they are discouraged too.

Some people encouraged me this week however...
I'm not that good trust me.
but... at least I dun feel so discourage anymore.

I'm finding myself a little lifeless...finding my passion...
yet forgetting what my passion really is
and... I finally did this in my blog...

oh ya btw did I mention that I'm an expert hamper wrapper?
choose the stuffs u like and i'll wrap for u.
or give me a budget and I'll choose the stuffs I like and wrap for u and u give it to me.
Healthy organic products inside
ideal for CNY gifts.

now I'm doing advertisement =.=

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Purposely fixed my scanner for this

click for bigger view

I have not been drawing for so long...
I used to paint my drawings but I'm too lazy...

Slowly... this little passion of mine has been buried 1000 feet under.
I can still remember my BM teacher reading out my karangan titled
"Cita-cita Saya" (My Ambition)

"Cita-cita saya ialah menjadi seorang pelukis comik yang terkenal. Saya akan membuka sebuah syarikat komik yang bernama "Syarikat Komik Angeline" dan mempublishkan (sry I jz can't recall how u say publish in BM >.<) komik saya ke seluruh dunia!"

That was when I was 10 years old man...
That was my greatest passion, my biggest dream.
I kept so many books filled with sketches of people, cartoons...
Even some adventure stories I created myself... ha...

I used to be so determine on what I want to do.
I used to be so sure of my own future.
I used to ignore what other people say about me.
I used to be strong in protecting my dream.

Now I am so blur with my future
I am not sure anymore, about what I really want.
I am so afraid of standing up for my own thoughts
I am reluctant to admit that I do care what others think of me, very much.
I let my biggest dream stayed as a childhood fantasy... way under many many obligations, responsibilities and duties.

I don't really do good at it, but I really do like it very much.
I don't see a great future with it, but I really do enjoy doing it.

13 years later... one night.
this girl starts to think if what she is doing right now, is now right.

mush talk: this post makes me so emo...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A friend text me...

and told me that she's having exam tomorrow.

Her: 明天我考试哦!我很怕哩...
(I am having exams tomorrow and I'm very scare...)

Me: You must have faith and confidence! I will pray for you... There's nothing to be scared of.. blah blah blah... (a string of encouraging words)

literally translated: Scare your mother la...

Me: ............

for one moment I thought she was cursing.

then I realized that she is one of my mom's student.
so literal.

Thank God I did not reply her:

I'm scare of your mother too!

mush talk: mom so ganas meh? hahahha...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I watch the morning

I literally watch the sky turns bright every morning
I think I am ready
to let you go
I am getting so over with you
I am sick of staying in darkness because of you
you ruined my life
and I am not letting this to go on

On the 30th hour staying awake
I am kissing you goodbye

for goodness sake...
leave me alone and I hope I won't see you again
I really appreciate that


Current mode: shutting down...


mush talk: this has been going on for months.3 meetings straight down and im here me superwoman.

Thursday, January 8, 2009



mush talk: jammed...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

we use to hang out here

Yippie Cup Bubble Tea Cafe & Restaurant

Best bubble tea in PJ & KL...some say Sg Long...
ok crap.
oh I like their fried dumpling & french toast.

Love the ambiance
I'm thinking of doing this to my toilet lamp

Chocolate MT for him
Original MT for me
our style :)

You can have your MT with added pearls or jelly
I'll have the jelly
He'll opt for pearls
They are very generous with pearls

see i told you.
he's going to kill me

and they have obscene toilet sign

of course I will berhati-hati

Sunday, January 4, 2009

last year

I love to see people writing about their memoir in blogs
especially with pictures.
2008 has been an awesome year.
Hope you'll enjoy mine.

I realized half of 2008 was spent in Australia.
My days in this foreign land changed my life.

landed 11.2.08

Melbourne is a wonderful place

Planted in the most awesome church I've been to.
Planetshakers City Church
Urban Life Unit 16
PlanetUNI Camp
Beautiful Woman Conference
Changed my life and still changing.

I've been travelling

I love my travel partner Vivien :) "just the 2 of us"

I found a street named over me "Ann Street"

Gold Coast
I'm a new member of Mystery Machine, flew with Superman in a 90 degrees free fall, dated Batman and Robin

I learned a new language
i miss Ishida sensei

11.7.08 back in Homeland

My dear bro and sis got married 25.10.08

Bought my first laptop

Bonded close with familywe celebrated lots of birthdays =.=

Met many old friends
even primary school teachers! >.<

Get hot in church

Youth Camp 08, Campus Cell launch, Asia Conference Singapore, Christmas

Sometimes things got me up the wall...
I can go kee siao studying

and the "yang lain lain"...
Became a rock star (ok..I'm just the keyboardist with the electric guitar)
Got very very sick with eczema
Hooked up with some hot ang mos
Monash Ball
Jessie turned 21
Took up some horny piano lesson
(hahhhahhhahaaah..some advertisement in Australia papers)

2008 we grew up a little
and still going strong
thank you for putting up with me when I'm unreasonable
You have been my comfort and strength

I looked back those days
I give thanks to my Heavenly Father
for He has brought me through
each and every good times, tough times


mush talk: omg i spent 3 hours on this post... =.= all bcz of photo editing's fault. somebody....PLS BUY ME A DSLR!!!