Thursday, June 25, 2009

C***bank in the City.

The staff called you at 5pm and ask you to be there immediately to sign some documents.
You are in PJ, the documents are in KL...did I mentioned it's 5pm?

You talked to the staff for 15min just to explain that you are staying very far away and even if you go there immediately, you will only reach there to knock on the TUTUP sign.

Fine, she agreed to meet you 9:30am next morning.
You bring your gf along, ordered a breakfast set and made her wait at the lobby while you go see the confused staff.

All-in-one breakfast set at San Francisco Coffee, C***bank building.

She finished the scramble eggs and you finished up her pancake when you are done.

Ok..not quite done. The confused staff sent your stuffs for HR department processing and expect you to be back and sign more documents at 2pm. Did I mentioned it's only 10am now?

You took your gf for a LRT ride and both of you ended up in KLCC.
She started camwhoring and you just have to give her 10 continuos cute poses for her collection.
KLCC in a ball. oooh i like it.

Both of you ran into a long queue at TGV cinema and realized that today is the premier of Transformers 2! ( I wonder why when people say it's premier but the movie has been screening for many days before the premier already)

Since it's only 11am, you got nice seats for a really awesome show!

The thing is... the confused staff called you TWICE in between the movie telling you to get back there and sign...whatever. Hello? isn't it 2PM??!!

So after the movie you literally dragged your gf to run with you back to the LRT and back to C***bank.

Your gf waited at the lobby again...but it took forever for the...whatever to process and she decided to go to a nearby McD. You can't wait any longer either and joined her for lunch.
So it's 2:15pm.

Both if you had lunch. waited. Got bored. Buy ice-cream. Waited. Got very bored. gf started camwhoring again.waited.
It's 4:30pm. You got a little impatient. (Hello? you should be VERY impatient by now!)
The confused staff did not pick up your call.

Finally she called.
"Boleh tunggu lagi ke?"
"Sampai bila?"
"Macam pukul 8pm..."

Both of you starred at each other thinking should you take the LRT ride again..
You decided to re-confirmed the time and called.

"Actually I pun tak sure document tu akan siap bila lah... Mungkin tak siap hari ini juga."

Thank God you called.
"Esok....bila sudah siap, call I. Call I...bila SUDAH siap."

You woke up at 7am, sign some documents, watched a movie, and the rest of the time---waited.
It was close to 5pm, your eyes are heavy, stucked in heavy traffic, watching your gf sleeps...

I hope tomorrow you don't have to wait much, cz your gf is not joining the fun anymore.

what's her paper on Monday again? Is she having a paper?

Mush talk: someone just drifted to my place just to copy some lecture 2am. people are desperado while I'm blogging and chilling.


Another "guong guong kacheng dredededede zibaboom" movie.
But this is sooooooooooooooo GOOD!
I think the robots are better looking than Zac Effron already~

ok he's still cute.

2 movies in 2 days~

what's the unit number of my Monday paper again?
HOL iday?
oh..HUP 3801.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

love makes me go wee~

Hau Wei & Peggen.

Stumbled upon this great photographer's site and saw a sweet video featuring their engagement.
Hau Wei & Peggan, both are great leaders of Planetshakers Church. When God create couples, He has great plans for them. When 2 great people are united, the POWER is unlimited. I look up upon them.

Peggen was my one-day cell group leader when I was attending Planetshakers Australia. I don't know her much but this woman of God left great impact in my life, and I believe, in many many lives. She's really a woman of faith.

I once heard about a prayer session led by her, can you imagine when not even one prayer is left unanswered? That's her level of faith.

I can still remember during my farewell party last year, she gave me a huge firm hug and said to me: "Angeline, I never worried about you. You can make it!"
and yes I am making it happen.

During the sharing session, I mentioned that I've learned a lot from PlanetUni and I hope I will make a difference when I'm back in my home church.
She interrupted with a stern look: "What do you mean by "you hope"? YOU WILL!"
and yes I will make it happen.

When you are weak, stand with someone strong.
When your faith is like a little spark, stand with someone with faith like flame.
She might not know, but she's one person who holds me up.

Oh ya, they are getting married on my birthday. I'll dedicate my birthday wish for them.

Sunday, June 21, 2009




Monday, June 15, 2009


Father God,
I don't need a miracle. I want to be the miracle.
You've made me a champion~
And I will live up to my identity.

I love prayers.
Thanks for supporting me emotionally as well as spiritually.
It's prayed for me 3 times today :)
kinda like it.
I love you so so much darling.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The man behind the altar.

I mentioned that Ps Philip is a bold and fierce man, full of God's anointing and power. But...when you get to know the super cheeky side of him, I think you would probably faint.

After sharing about love, Ps Philip wanted to show us that he loves us and he will put it into action.
Everyone was thrilled when he said he brought gifts for ALL OF US! Although I doubted a bit cz hello, there were 1000 of us! But pastor wont lie right.. so we were very excited.

He pulled out a huge paper bag... and it contains all the gifts for us. Then I was thinking maybe he wants to give us sweets... cz that bag can't fit anything big for 1000.
He invited the organizing committees, hospitality team and drivers up the stage. They lined up excitedly until....he pulls out a laundry bag from the hotel room........

He wanted to let us bring home a gift from him but there was no time for him to do any shopping... and hence, he brought everything available from his hotel room....... =.="

Some got toothbrush, tea bags, shower cap.... omg...I was laughing non stop even when Im typing... HAHA...
He was laughing like mad also...he went: "Ok let's see what else I have... COTTON BUDS!! AHAHAHAHAH.!!!!" Need not to mention Ps Ewen beside him...his expression of disbelieve for Ps philip's "act of love". We know he was struggling in interpretating... “哦...你拿到...HAHAHA...沐。。浴。。露。。。AHAHAHA” So we literally saw 2 men laughing like mad on the stage with all committees recieving a piece of face tissue from him... and ofcz we laughed til we teared.

The climax was when Ps Ewen got a roll of TOILET PAPPER from Ps philip... omg I REALLY BEH TAHAN HIM...

In the end, he distributed nuts for all of us. And the 2 boxes of nuts were given by the hospitality team to him. Someomore he want to mentioned that he ate some so we can have the remnants...

But the nuts were not enough for all of us...then Ps Ewen donated his toilet roll so that each one of us can have a little piece...

Ps Jonathan asked us to bring home and laminate it and keep it in our bible for life. Cz it's a piece of "anointed toilet tissue" from Ps Philip. A gift in memory of A4J 2009.

Seriously, I will.

You can see it in his eyes, you can feel it from his words.
He loves us so much. He loves Malaysia so much.
The mark he left in our lives, will shine forever.
We love you Ps Philip.

Dear God... although I spent my revision time in this conference, even now Im still spending time recording all these..but I felt so loved, so full..that I must share Your vision for Malaysia to others. I have no regrets. No matter what is the outcome. Cz in You, I commit my life.

Shifted, spiritually. The change is very subtle... not very dramatic. But I can see changes going on everyday... in my words, thoughts, actions and relationship .. changed, and still changing.

Next year, A4J 2010 --- we are going to a STADIUM! I urge you, register and reborn!

A4J Conference Day 4 Session 7

Session 7 Ps Philip Mantofa

Love is the Principle of Everything We Do.
1Cor 7:8-9

1. Love is purposeful
- We have a purpose in what we with others and what we do to others.
- So that we may be careful in everything we do as everything comes from God's will.

2. Love is regretful
- Not regretful for the righteous actions, but just because you feel for the others.
He shared about his story with his son.
One day he caught his son kicking his grandmother after watching the movie Kungfu Panda. hehe.. He love his son but he also needs to discipline him. So he took away his favorite toy as a punishment. Thinking that his daddy will return his toy later on...the kid took it easy. However, after many days, the kid realized that his dad is not going to give him back although he pleaded so much. When he knew the truth, he cried and cried until he fell asleep in daddy's arm. Ps philip felt so heartache seeing his son in such despair. Many times he wanted to just give him back the toy. But the Holy Spirit told him not to do so, we are suppose to be responsible for wrongdoings.

Ps Philip said he was haunted by our ugly face the day before when he shared about hell... hehehe...and the felt so heartache when he made all pastors cried. He speak the truth in love but the truth hurts. He love us so much that he have to do that to us in order for us to be circumcised and clease off all our ungodly attitudes.

He did not regret hurting us, but he is regretful for our feelings.

I can relate to his feelings to his son. I remeber when I was a kid, I used to suck my thumb a lot..(>.<) Knowing that it's a bad habit and very unhygienic, my dad punished me when he caught me doing that. He brought me up and locked us in a room. He asked me to show him which hand i used to suck my thumb. I was so scared and showed him my right hand. There came a huge rotan and I cried like mad cz it hurts... I cried and cried on the bed and he lied beside me watching me cry without saying anything at all. I cried myself to sleep... and I can feel him patting me on my back. My dad loves me, he did that out of deep love for me. But he is regretful for causing hurt in me. How can a dad feels nothing when he sees his little girl cry?

3. Love is grateful
- Our relationship with God does not directly change the relationship of us with people, unless we can interpret what we got from God into normal life.
-If we know how to be grateful, we will be like a king. People will serve you not because they have to, but because they want to.

If love is the principle of everything we do, then we are willing to do everything for love.

This is the last session. Surprisingly, I was expecting some kind of prayer session or impartation going on, but it ended...SUPER FUNNY. Read my next post.

A4J Conference Day 3 Session 6

Session 6 - A Trip to Hell: Ps Philip Mantofa.

I really don't know what to share about this night.
I was on duty as a counselor so I get to be in the main hall, thank God.
The hall was packed, overflow halls L5, L4 and L3 all packed.
Some Christians in the main hall had to give their seats to the new friends.
Last year during this service, Ps Philip was in great pain when he tried to share his experience. I heard that he can barely say a word but cried... he mentioned the gate of the hell... and he choked.. he just sat on the stage and cried. But the whole atmosphere was like everyone has been brought to the gate...
He stopped his sharing and immediately open the altar for decisions. 187 people RUN like there's no tmr to the front. The atmosphere was so intense cz the gate was opened for only minutes. Some could not even get themselves in and cried and wept.

This year however, he share 2 stories from hell. He described...Hell has a huge gate at the entrance, the texture of the gate is like an old rugged cross. God asked him to open the gate and he went in. What he saw in there, left such great hurt and pain in him. It was BIG...with no boundaries.. so many people were in there. He can literally see the hell as describe in the bible but there is nothing to compare with on earth. Hell is much much terrible than anything we can imagine. There's devils all around, torturing the dead people.

He told us about a lady who was near the gate. Devils surround her and shouted "LIE! LIE! LIE!" The lady kept on saying "Yes, I lied." But the devils seem unsatisfied. They held her tongue, and pull. the whole tongue came out with blood and worms and maggots oozing out from it. And they scratch her face with sharps... making the whole scene bloody... and all these repeated and repeated and repeated...

Another scene where 2 men with devils all around them. The devils want them to fight and commanded the old man to peel off the young man's scalp and eat his brain. And then they take turns... they were apologizing, crying and begging while doing that. God inspired Ps Philip that they might be father and son and all their lives on earth, the live in unforgiveness. Hence the devils celebrate their sins when they were reunited in hell.

What we feel physically is actually because of what we feel in our soul. Hence even though we are dead, we can are sensitive in every sensations we have physically. Imagine the pain and suffering.

As I'm on duty, I have to sit in front which is very near Ps philip. When he was telling his experience, I can literally feel the chill...and his struggles of forcing himself to recall all these torturing things.
It's not easy for him to share. Imagine if you ask a rape victim to reproduce the process in detail.

God brought him there, he saw all the truth and he doesn't want anybody to go there. Hence, although it hurts billion zillion times...he shared his experience over and over again, to let more people know and given a chance, not to go there.

Well, something happened in between. Shook us all. The situation became super intense during that moment. I really don't know how to share here. But this hurts Ps philip so much and it hurts me...hurt everyone of us Christians..
Sometimes the truth can be ugly and cruel. We have to learn to face it.

But God is mighty to save. He finally opened the altar for people to come to Christ. We counselors have o be chased out to give room. I was standing near the stairs and when he said: "Set them free!" People were running down the stairs and made such huge stomping effect. The ushers are urging them to go into the circle fast. There was so many people...until the ushers have to move back few rows to accommodate everyone.

Due to my non-strategic view...I can barely see what's going on inside. But through some sharing from people in the overflow hall. There's 2 old couples were struggling whether or not to go into the circle. When they finally decided and walked there, the time is up. Ushers closed the gate and the old couple asked for entry. The usher did not response. one of my church members happened to be an usher as well and she was deeply moved by the scene.

When one day, everything is too late.

I know not every people accept the idea of heaven and hell. I understand they struggle to accept things which sounds unscientific. But I believe, heaven and hell, they are so real.

I am not bold enough to talk like Ps Philip... but I pray that with God's help, I can at least try my very best to prevent this from my love ones.

The night ended. Approximately 3000 attendees. ~500 responded to altar call. >200 new believers. Praise the Lord.

"A Trip to Hell" is not another fiction story to scare people. The truth has been told but everyone has their own free-will. God does not force us to believe in Him. It all depends on your choice.

We can take it easy, but remember: when one day, everything is too late.

I teared.

A4J Conference Day 3 Session 5

Session 5 Ps Jonathan Chow 周巽正牧师

Ps Jonathan, better known as Ps Zheng3 Zheng2 (正正牧师) is the younger brother of Ps Ewen. He's running a School of Theology in Taiwan. Very powerful speaker!

粽子(众子)不见了 The dumpling is gone (haha...)
Rom 8:19-21; John 3:22-30

Yesterday the pastors were being circumcised, today it's our turn.
I think God spoke to me a lot during this session.
v27 "A man can receive only what is given him from heaven"

We, as servants of God, sometimes will fall into the pride pit.
We want to steal some glory from God. We compare the number of our cell group members, we compete in ministry. When the ministry is successful, we take honor. When things aren't good, we feel ashamed.
We are treating the ministry as "my" ministry, "my" cell group, "my" accomplishment.

We are letting God's dream becoming our identity.
We are following the vision instead of following God.
We rejoice in the success of the ministry instead of rejoicing in the Lord's presence.

Our dream, ministry and talents are not our reward. Only God Himself is our greatest reward.

When God circumcise us, we might be ripped off our most precious thing in life.
Things which we are good at, things we call our talents and identity.

For example, you are a worship leader and you do good at it. People give you praise and you enjoy it. If one day you are not allowed to lead anymore. Who are you? Have you lost you identity?
Our only identity is the child of God.
What good is it if we gain the whole world but lose God.

Jesus came to earth, dying from His status of God's son. He humble himslef, empty everything. Then, He ministered with great power.

Elisha left his high ranked occuption and followed Elijah, only to wash his hands and carry his baggage. Then, Elisha got double the anointing from Elijah.

If we want the double anointing, we want to serve with great power, DIE.

This day, God ripped me off my pride. I have been longing to make myself noticed, taking credits for things I've accomplished. Now I am nothing else but an empty vessel. I can't take the glory which belongs to God. In this way, only can His glory be manifested to the fullest.

No longer me, but Jesus Christ wo lives in me.

A4J Conference Day 2 Session 4

Session 4 Ps Philip Mantofa - Anointing

Acts 16:1-5
V3 "to take him along on the journey"
- a journey of anointing.
"so he circumcised him"
- the anointing will circumcise you.
V4 "travel from ton to town"
- the anointing will go out from here to all over Malaysia and the world.

In order to be anointed, we must first be circumcised.
Circumcision is the removal of unnecessary skin layer: removal of our unnecessary attitude and sins.
Circumcision is painful, it hurts very badly. But we will be great, cos we are holy to be used by God.

I couldn't find any notes in my book after this... cz the things which happened next, moved all of us so deeply.
Ps Philip said he wants to shamed his disciples, he called 3 pastors and told us their weakness and how he discipline them. He made Ps Jonathan cried like a baby.

Ps Philip is the boldest man I've ever seen. He speak with the boldness of God, addressing shameful truth in people's life without fear. He can speak right into a pastor's face about his shortcomings. That night, many hidden weakness in pastors are unveiled.

He is a bold man...but he is also the most humble man. He said that although he is an apostle of God, but his makes him no higher than anyone. Apostles are sent to preach the truth, at the same time, they are sent to die for the truth. He is the smallest one when it comes to ranking. He came to be a servant to all.

He took out his handkerchief, knelt down before the pastors...and clean their shoes.
You might think this is a funny act. But as he did that...all of us knelt down with him. Tears flow from the pastors eyes as he hug their legs and pray.
All of a sudden all of us become so tiny... so unworthy.
We have been thinking great of ourselves, we held tightly to our status and pride.

The rock has to be broken in order for the water to flow.
Our rock, the pastors, have been broken. The anointing flows to the congregation even we are not been laid hands on.

I've experience one other kind of anointing, which is flow from the brokeness of the elders.
I suddenly realized... I have to be broken totally, for God to use me as a vessel. Cz a vessel has to be open-ended, both sides. If I still want to hold on things in my life, my life will be like a blood vessel with thrombosis plug, blood can only flow in drips.. and the flow is always turbulent inside. Not only I can't be a blessing to others, I cause turbulent flow in my own life.

For so long...I have been living in denial. I deny myself of sins, I sort of hypnotized myself into believing that I am righteous. I continue serving God as though I am a Godly person. My relationship with Him has turn cold for so long and yet I still can put on a mask in front of people. In the end, I even fooled myself.
I need to face them all... let God break them all.

I remember I apologized to someone after the service. I have done wrong and I don't care how embarassing to admit it. I know what has been done has to be broken.

I tell myself, I am not going to do that again.
By the power of Christ, I am free.

A4J Conference Day 2 Session 3

Session 3 Ps Ewen Chow 周巽光牧师

Ps Ewen is known for leading the Taiwan Worship Band--Joshua 约书亚乐团... and his wife Venessa 玺恩, worship leader in the band and also a pop singer in Taiwan.
aiya they are so sweet... they have been married for many years, ministering together and touched so many lives. Ps Philip keep on asking them to have kids and stop playing with pet dogs. hehe..

The Kingdom Culture - Honor

He used a parable of tables. We need to change from a round table to a long table.
When we sit in a round table, it seems like there's not ranking and everyone is on the same level. When we sit in a long table, honored guests are placed in the front seats.

There are 3 levels in life
1. The level of curse
- The lowest level where people only knows to blame, murmur and curse. They have nothing in possession and always in lack.

2. The level of sow and reap
- You get the result of what you sow. The fruit depend on how much you have sow.

3. The level of inheritance of riches and blessings.
- You get to own things which you did not earn. You inherit them from those before you.

Exodus 20:12 "Honor you father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you."

We tend to live more in the 2nd level of life, where we only reap what we have sowed. We can only do what we can do in our whole lives.
But there is one way of entering the level of inheritance of riches and blessings from our forefathers --- by honoring them.

1. Honor your leaders 1Sam 8
- Many young people nowadays don't want to submit under authorities. We think that leaders are not perfect. We change our governing system and reject leaders.
- We can honor our boss for money, but we are unable to honor our parents, church leaders for love --- we are selling our body.
- We are actually spiritualizing or using religion to cover up our weakness.

2. Honor our forefathers
- Heb6:1-2 Laying hands of the elders = passing down the riches and blessings.
- Gen 27:34-40
~When Isaac laid hands on Jacob, there's a physical substance being pass down to him.
~When the inheritance was taken by Jacob, what's left for Esau was only a 2nd level of living.

We live in a performance-driven environment, we tend to look up upon leaders who are always in the lime light.
Churches are emphasizing on young people because they say revival comes from the youths.
But God says in Acts 2:17-18, He will pour His spirit on ALL people.
ALL includes the kids, the elders.

He used an analogy of 2 ladies standing side by side and their father told one of the daughter that she is beautiful. But not saying anything to the other one.
The scene changed, 2 ladies and the father. The father told the same daughter that she's beautiful, but not saying anything to the other one.
The scene changed again, and the same thing happened.

Does the father think that the other daughter is not beautiful?
He might not meant that the other daughter is ugly, yet he did not say that she's beautiful.

The words unspoken, is very powerful.

Revival needs all generations. Malachi 4:5-6 "He will turn the hearts of the father to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse."

We should not neglect the power of the elders and God's greatest treasures are hidden in the old and wise.
The greatest barrier to revival: generation gap.
When we learn to honor, we receive. We need not to toil and labor, we inherit.

I agree. Sometimes, maybe unconsciously, young people in church grow proud. Because most people stressed on the point that young people are the future hope for the church. The young generations bring revival! We thought that we are so important and look down on our elders.

Never we know that they are the ones who build a strong foundation for us to build on.

We are actually stepping on their shoulders to reach high grounds.

A4J Conference Day 1 Session 3

Session 3 Ps Philip Mantofa

Being a Disciple.

Acts 16:1-5

Qualities of a disciple

1. A teachable heart

2. Committed life to Christ
- We ask God to use us greatly, but God send people to disciple us instead. This is because God doesn't want us to raise the dead once, He wants us to keep raising up the dead all our lives.

3. Growing Faith
- A disciple's faith needs not to be great. Though weak...but it must be growing.

How to find a disciple?
1. One who has a Godly lifestyle.
2. One who has the purest intention towards you.
3. One who commits to you in truth.
4. One who challenges your faith.

God looks for disciples, not followers.
God loves our passion but He loves our commitment even more.
A student only needs to learn what the teacher taught. A disciple needs to be exactly his master. This needs a lot more effort and sacrifices.

Pursue God as if you are going to save the whole world over one night.
This is when he said: Your love have to be comforting, but your faith must be FIERCE!

During prayer session, we were asked to find our disciple/discipler and pray together.
I am very far away from our church members cz I have to stay at the aisles as counselor. It was a quite awkward moment for me... I've discipled some youths over the last few years when I was still in the Teens cell. Moving to the campus cell now, I have no real disciples yet. Maybe they are not ready, maybe I am the most unready one.

But frankly, there's a deep desire in me, to share my life and experience in God and ministry with someone, ofcz, who has the same desire too.
For the mean time, campus core team is my target~ lol..not to say discipling.. I just want to share.
I am never good enough, many things I want to learn from all of you out there. As Ps Philip said, the disciples are the main casts, not the master.

A4J Conference Day 1 Session 2

Session 2: Ps. Yosep Moro

Ps Philip did not come alone this time, he brought his team from Indonesia.
Ps Moro is one of his disciples. Very cute and tiny ;p But he really has the OHM spirit of Ps Philip. He started a campus church in Medan and within a very short time, he's pastoring a church of >2000! Their church is in the most expensive and high class shopping mall in Medan!!

I look up to him. You know why? cz he's a great campus church pastor!

John 4:1-42
V35 "4 months more and then the harvest?"
Jesus said open our eyes and look, NOW is the time.

We tend to delay God's work. We give reasons of all sorts in order to delay things.
"I am not good enough"
"I am stil studying"
"I want to earn enough money and achieve a stable life first"

Stop looking at ourselves. Look AROUND us.

When you see one tsunami incident swiped off hundred thousands of lives, you won't want to wait til you finish studying.
When you see your family members, friends, love many not saved, so many in darkeness, you won't wanna wait til you are good enough.

I have been thinking of my family members...
How long have I not praying for them?
God, I repent.

A4J Conference Day 1 Session 1

I know I should be studying for my super near finals now.
But...this stirring spirit in my heart just makes me wanna record all down.

Awakening for Jesus Kingdom Revival Conference.
While everyone in my uni is burying themselves in books, I drown myself in God's presence :)

I will try my best to share what Ps Philip Mantofa had shared, cos u know..His preaching is so captivating that sometimes I just forgot to move my pen.

1st session - Rev. Philip Mantofa

Acts 16:6-10
These verses are about apostle Paul's vision of the man of Macedonia.
Paul traveled through many places during his ministry time and of course touched many people's lives along the way. It was weird that the Holy Spirit stopped him from preaching the word of God in some places, though his wanted so much to go there.
One night he had a vision of a Macedonian man, begging him to go and help him. He got ready at once to leave for Macedonia.

Why did the Holy Spirit stopped Paul from going to Asia, Mysia and Bithynia?
There is no hunger from the people.

Revival does not happen because of the anointing of a great speaker, it all depends on the local people. Are they hungry enough for God's mighty work? Are we hungry enough to save the lost?

Ps Philip told us that the Asia for Jesus Team had never thought of coming to Malaysia and help us. We are of course not the 1st choice, not even the 2nd, 3rd of 4th...
But one day when he was praying, Ps Jonathan from FGA chuch sent him an sms.
"Why the Taiwanese are having you more than the Malaysians?"
He looked at the sms...and got ready once to give all he has for Malaysia. Hence his coming to A4J 2009.

Just like Paul, he saw only one Macedonian man in his vision, but he decided to help Macedonia.
Similarly in the city of Sodom and Gomorrha, God is only looking for one righteous man.

If God sees one man, He will embrace the whole nation.

Malaysia has been noticed. There is hunger in people in Malaysia for revival. We are very honored to get this second chance...

Luke 8:26-32
When Jesus manifested bodily among the people, satan will be cast out!
Ps Philip used a funny analogy, satan could not get any people from Malaysia, only pigs!

He also shared about his 3 months old youngest son, Warren. Warren means General literally. Warren has a poorly developed lungs when he was born and the doctor has to put him in an ICU incubator fr weeks, might be months. Before attaching needles and supporting devices to Warren, Ps Philip hold him and said to him: "Warren, you are a General! Do not attach yourself with the needles, attach yourself to your daddy's FAITH!"

The little baby went into the ICU. 2days, he is able to drink milk. 3 days, all needles off him. 4 days, he went home with his daddy. He's growing strong in his father's faith.

Ps Philip said Malaysia is like the youngest child, we might be insignificant and weak. But we attach to a general's faith! One day we can be STRONG!

In between, some words struck me. Ps Philip is such an adorable person that all of us love him so much. But he said he does not care how much we love him and how popular he is among us. This is because he is very clear that although he is the giver and us the receiver, God is the source. Do not fall into the popularity business.
We are nobody. It is the treasure God put in us that made us somebody.

This pricks me so much and I believe for many of the church leaders too.
We enjoyed the feeling of being needed. Sometimes turn into pride and selfishness.
We tend to build "our own" ministry, not God's.

The prayer session is also powerful. We were asked to hold the chair in front of us and when Ps Philip drop his handkerchief, the anointing will pass from the floor to the chairs and to us. When we receive enough anointing, we put our hands on our hearts.
The moment I put my hands on my chest, I felt my heartbeat. Later on, I realized it's God's heartbeat. It goes really fast, but really steady. God's heartbeat for Malaysia, is steadfast. Steady...but fast. Revival is here, we have not much time. Let's act fast.

omg..this is so long..thanks for reading til the end... ;p
God bless you.

Songs we worshipped with during A4J

Yesus -True Worshippers

The Time Has Come - Hillsongs United


Friday, June 12, 2009


I see the king of glory
Coming down the clouds with fire
The whole earth shakes, the whole earth shakes
I see his love and mercy
Washing over all our sin
The people sing, the people sing

Hosanna, hosanna
Hosanna in the highest

Verse 2
I see a generation
Rising up to take the place
With selfless faith, with selfless faith
I see a new revival
Staring as we pray and seek
We're on our knees, we're on our knees

Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me
Break my heart for what breaks yours
Everything I am for your kingdom's cause
As I walk from earth into eternity

I am sure, again. Our God is REAL.
Fell on my knees, eyes closed, heart opened.

Father, cleanse me...and send me.

Praise be Yours.
Hosanna in the highest.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A4J Conference quick share

Rev. Philip Mantofa...
This is the first time meeting him in person.
I read great stories about him, heard wonderful things he'd done.
Now I see God's power through him.

A man of God.
This man, shakes the nations.

"Your love must be comforting, but your faith must be intimidating!"

I can have gentle love, but my faith must be FIERCE!!

Today's messages are about Malaysia being the little child of revival, now is the time and being a disciple.
Stirred us up alot! even during the first session!
Need not to mention our tears & prayers...

So full inside, too tired to share. (did I mention I slept at 5:30am and woke up at 7:30am and now is 1:30am?)

Night sessions are free and open for public.

"Trip to Hell crusade"
12/6/09 Friday 7pm.
PLS... do come! bring whoever you want to see them coming to Christ.

I guarantee you a life changing journey.
trust me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A4J Conference

A4J Conference! A4J 国度复兴特会
Venue:FGA KL Main Sanctuary
Dates: 10/6 - 13/6

7pm Night sessions are open for public.
So if u guys are free, pls join.
Rev. Philip Mantofa will be speaking.

*** 12/6***7pm****

"Trip to Hell 地狱之旅"
by Rev. Philip Mantofa

this is a very very special meeting! 千载难逢的机会!
cz he seldom share about his experience of visiting HELL!!
so scary...but I believe it will be POWERFUL!!
last year he didn't even start the sharing but so many people accepted Christ.

So..dun miss this opportunity!
bring your friends & family!!

A4J conference has left a huge impact in churches of Malaysia last year
read more and even more from pyee's blog.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Revision Lectures

you will not get any tips for going revision classes.
lecturers are not giving you helpful information.
they scare you with their twist & turn tactics in exam questions.

Dr. Kan said:
"This session will be your caffeine boost for the next 2 weeks."

yea..after listening to his God knows how to answer sample questions....

say hello to insomnia.


Phillipians 4:4-7

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

This seems so impossible.
BUT, NOTHING is impossible in GOD.

I may not know how will I make it through.
yet the peace of God, transcends all understanding.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see

I may not see, but I am CERTAIN.

Dear Father, You already have given me strength and wisdom.
You already have granted me wonderful results!
So many beautiful things, You already have installed for me :)

In Jesus name, Amen.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

For M.

How is the feeling of 40youths singing birthday song to you?

your Mr. Right is on his way I believe!

Your favorite lilies & clear quartz necklace.

Happy Birthday Dear Mei Lin jie :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

For P.

付然花现,找遍整架电脑都找不到一张偶们的合照 =.=


Thanks for the support, encouragement and inspiration.

Things learned from a job interview.

1. You should not spike your hair too much cz the boss has curry puff style hair.

2. You should not wear fancy shirt cz the boss thinks a basic white shirt with stripes is fancy.

3. You should not wear shirt with no pockets cz the boss wants you to keep a pen in it.

4. You should bring an A5 size notebook cz the boss does not own an iPhone like you.

5. You should not bring your girlfriend along cz she will be 1000x more nervous than you.

... but she will proof read your CV, arrange your certificates, straighten you tie, wait in Starbucks for 3hours just to be there for you.

there will be more to come and I know you will impress all the curry puff head apek totally!
Jia Yo~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Terminator Salvation

"kacheng...guong...guong..." (machine sound)
"feeeww....fuuuuung...." (aircraft flying)
"dredededede...." (machine gun firing)
"ZIBAABOOOMMM!!" (explosion)

"I am John Conner."

These are all I can remember.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I don't like making rush decision

So i did not buy the ticket.
To ease out the feeling of disappointment.. I called Jo to talk me through 12am.
This morning...I went back to check out the price again.

It's another RM100 cheaper than yesterday's so-called limited time promotion.

Air Asia is one big fat liar.

p/s: btw...the destination is Melbourne, Australia.