Friday, October 1, 2010

Ohayo October.

Back from Wall Street.
I don't really understand the whole movie but I enjoyed every bits of it.
I'm blessed with my lack of curiosity.
hm...ok maybe I enjoyed looking at Shia LaBeouf.

Being exposed to the real world recently...
And realized no matter how reluctant you are to face it,
There's no where to hide.
It's just a matter of time when you have to know what you have to know.

But when you get to know it,
It's not that bad after all.

A big AMEN to high income economy.
I am seeing it coming true.

Good morning October!
A blessed month~

Not related:
A note to him: you actually melt my heart with those words.
And now I'm a little freaked out :p

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傻敏 charmaine koh said...


guess it is a nice movie~ wish to watch also.

zac efron has new movie on show~called "charles st. cloud"

i wanna watch!!!

lei ming