Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's May 31st

I blog in order to add 1 more pathetic post to the only 1 pathetic post for May archive.

I never thought work will wear me down and tear me off the time to blog. My blog needs salvation.

This will be boring and random and with no pics.

Stepping into the next half of year 2011 in approximately 3 minutes, time flies like Buzz Lightyear.
Some update about me so far:

- We've submitted our booking forms to JPN for R.O.M on November 11...just in case you are not aware. *ehem*
- Feeling a little shy being in the limelight when people start flooding my FB page with wishes and blessings.
- Bought my 13th wedding magazine and downloaded my 3rd wedding planner guide.
- Gotta love Martha Stewart Weddings. I finish reading EVERYTHING in 2 days.
- Having so many plans in my head but ditched nearly all of them due to my empty pocket.
- We've made a booking of 40 tables with Oriental Pavilion but have to ditch that too cos my mom just decided to have an 'Organic' dinner banquet.
- Had a hard time choosing my bridal party especially my bridesmaid. If  I were to show you the list... I will have a few dozens of bridesmaid. And he's gonna kill me.
- Had a hard time following my weight lost plan. Cos I simply don't have one.
- I have not put my hands into anything about wedding for 2 weeks now. That's a good sign.
- But now I'm blogging all updates on wedding. That's bad.
- And heck, it's 12:10am and I shall backdate this post to yesterday..

Cz this post suppose to be another pathetic post added to the only pathetic post for MAY.


peacefreezer-pik yee said...

Well, thats an special annointing in PCKL~ get things done with high standard but in budget way. i believe urs should more than ur expect soon eh:)

Chelle said...

aha! that's y i told u to slp early last nite. If u wan a personal trainer in guiding u to slp early, I'm here! wahaha~ I will make sure u slp early. ngek ngek ngek~