Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hope of all hearts

Listening to this song tonight moved me, moved me so much that I surrendered and cried.
When Pastor Russell speaks towards the end of the song,
God brought me 4 years back, to Melbourne, to Planetshakers City Church.
To where my spirit was at its ultimate brokenness.
To where my life was at its total mess, hopeless, at its deepest pit.
I literally ran away from life to Melbourne in 2008, with a deeply broken heart.

One Sunday I went to Planetshakers City Church, I was late cos I was still unfamiliar with the transportation there. The worship team was singing Deeper when I reached.
When God wants to heal you, He will do it at His timing, when you least expected.
I literally cried my way finding a seat...
"I need more of You, more of You, Jesus." the lyrics went...
When I was in my deepest brokenness, He knows that all I need is Him, Jesus alone.
God came true to me at my first step into His church... I was being comforted, healed and renewed.
And from that day, my heart cried for one thing: to experience God like never before.

Miracles happened almost everyday and I felt God everywhere, every time.
I can stay up all night worshipping God and drown in His presence.
I experienced supernatural provision financially.
I was blessed with so many great people around me.
I found a dream. I gain back my courage to live for Him.
Each day was like a new encounter with my Creator.

4 years later, one night, here I am...
God came true to me once again. I found myself in the embrace of my God...
The same God I experienced 4 years back in Melbourne...
The same God who visited me every single day when I drew near to Him.
The same God who loves me more than anyone else.
The same God who saved me from the darkess times.
The same God who called me to live for Him and Him only.

Jesus, He is the hope for all hearts.
In the darkness, in trial, my soul shall sing of His mercy and kindness.
Our offering of praise.
Our God never fails. His love never fails.

For those of you who knew Jesus,
We are so blessed, so blessed to have Jesus as our Saviour.
He is our hope no matter what you are facing, no matter how hard is life hitting you,

For those who don't know Jesus personally,
You shall find the answer in Jesus, the answer to all your problems, weakness, sickness, struggles.
Because He loves you, no matter who you are.

When life gets tough, always remember Jesus.
Plug in your earphones, and listen to this song.
A song which reminds you:
Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever.
His love never fails. Never.