Wednesday, April 29, 2009

梦想篇 [1] - hire me.

Today a friend asked me, have I found my ultimate dream job in life?
I said yes, without hesitating, I surprised myself.

I said I want to go into graphic design, art, multimedia, photography, filming, drama..bla bla bla.
and she said good for me, I found what I want to do.

I replied, not yet. Because...there's too much uncertainties, responsibilities and yea...realities.
then I paused. I'm still too afraid to speak up for my dream.

Dream knows no uncertainty, no responsibility and heck no reality!
Picturing myself 10years down the road of responsibility and obligation...I sighed.
So... maybe let me shout out quietly her in my humble blog...(so ironic =.=)

Anyone wants to hire me? I want to do freelance designing.
Im going to finish my Medical Bioscience Degree.
Seems destined to work in a nutrition and health care line for the rest of my life.
I only know how to use Adobe Illustrator & a wee bit of photoshop.

But I love what I do. I have passion. I am quite creative...(solely self-proclaimed).
I have no certificate of qualification in graphic designing.
I have no previous working experience in designing company.
Hence I dun have a nice resume.
Below are my recent projects for my church activities..

WAHAHA....ignore me please... Im just giving a very lame excuse to post up my projects.
Say Im vain..but I am really proud of my babies.
I know artists have no life...sleepless nights, cracking for ideas, datelines...
But...when you finally accomplished something, the sense of satisfaction is all the reason in the world for not having a life.

I am finally gaining courage to dig out my long buried so called "dream".

So how much are you willing to pay me? ;p


peacefreezer-pik yee said...

hehe... for we need to live with dreams... well, the "dream" matter keeps popping in my mind after listenin to the "big dream"...haha...n all things ard me seems to b related to dream ...haha

well, it's time for us to motivate among ourselves to achieve better things...haha

傻敏 charmaine koh said...

Hmm...U are really talented in it, so never give it up..even doing nutritious...also can use ur design talent to do something next time.heh


lei ming

greenmilktea said...

dream job and reality....

how much we've talked about it over the coffee...

who wants to hire me too?? haha

p/s: u r indeed creative..i thought i am too hahahaha

ang3line said...

pyee: Amen to u!u talk deep things wei..ha.yes, all of us can achieve better!

ming:TQ~ T__T u always encourage me alot..ya i slowly coming to believe tat we can have the best fr 2 worlds! there's a will there's a way.

jane:hey u saw my most abt someplace quiet? mayb we can work together and publish magazine! u wirte la..I do the design n ming can do the music..and pik yee also can do some multimedia stuff! wahaa

傻敏 charmaine koh said...

so coroperate la?lolz~

so fast plan liao~

I join I join

lei ming