Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this is how it happens.

Easter Musical is a success.
Sad to say we don't have photos for the on-stage performance...
Video will be out after editing, i hope.
we did took some pics after the show but again sadly they are not with me :(

to those who follow this musical are some trailer recording sneak peeks.

60 promotional postcards stuck on a Styrofoam...

celebrities get interviewed in front of their movie promotional poster right?
like this...
just that we are manually doing it..
it's a hard work.
you have to make sure the backdrop stays in place throughout the filming.
and make sure you yourself don't get into the recording view.
i dunno why but i can't stop laughing at these 2 pics.

jo broke the chair that day =.=

Directors are mostly camera-shy.

me la.

we always have a good laugh looking at playbacks.

it's always funny to look at yourself in the video...

Easter: 505 attended. 29 saved!
Awesome God.

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