Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coffee thoughts.

Coffee Ritual@PJ Section 14
"Everything you order will taste very good."
Mom claimed.

You'll love the ambiance. Nice match of colors.

Starter: Mushroom Soup & Bun
Very well done soup! Not too creamy with little chunks of fresh mushrooms.
Wholemeal bun served warm with SCS butter~ Heaven :)

Drinks: Caffe Latte for me & Peppermint Tea for mom.
I'm a Latte fan. I love it.

Caesar's Salad
Served with homemade salad dressing, lightly salted bread chunks, pickle olives and a generous amount of black pepper chicken slices!
like no other.

Black Pepper Chicken Sandwich
Bread spread with Italian herbs flavored olive oil...which makes all the difference.

Sweet Crepe with Berkeley's Farm Ice Cream
Crispy on the edges, the ice cream was awesome.
Creamy smooth texture and not too sweet.

Plus point: they serve single origin coffee brewed with siphon pot.
Slow but worth your wait.

I did not try it, maybe next time. Coffee anyone?

Maybe some of you knew, I have this little fancy of opening a coffee shop of my own.
I would love to brew quality coffees and serve delicious pastries and cakes.
Having close friends over for hi-tea, organize tea parties at my very own cafe.
I'll put some books for reading, maybe paint some pictures.

I know people need places like this, hiding away from a busy schedule and just sit back and rest.
Rest, is a deep word.
Some people lie down, but don't sleep.
Some people keep quiet, but have no inner peace.
Come in and indulge in some quality time alone.
Alone with your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your self.

It will be a nice and cosy place, I believe. :)

p/s: about the statement of my mom- I agree, like totally. Must try.


greenmilktea said...

eh...i want to become a 股東 for the coffee shop...ahahaha

ang3line said...

haha..can can! want to serve RM2 breakfast anot? lol..and free refills..
den we can go bankrupt in no time!

feiching said...

yo...i wan go!!!
me also latte fans!!!
latte rocks!!!
and sumore got caeser salad...

Kenji™ said...

got flate white?

lengleng said...

luv kohii!

oh ya i heard from an aunty saying GM going to have a new branch? :)

alan said...

another latte fans here. count me in for coffee day.^^

ang3line said...
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ang3line said...

feiching: sure.let's go sometime :)

kenji:yup.flat white is on the menu.

leng:ya.franchises opening.we call it Juve Wellness Center.

alan:u r reminding me my mocha-latte debt.