Sunday, September 27, 2009

To JC.

If God appears before you now, what will you say to Him?

I guess mine will be...
I'm sorry.

and I'll kneel down and cry.

What have I done for Him as His servant?
How much have I loved Him as His child?

Sometimes, I felt like Peter.
"You know I love You."
Although I seemed not.

All my life, I would want to glorify Your name.
Choosing to follow You, is the boldest thing I've done in my entire life.
No regrets... but thanksgiving.

I live a contented life. It seems like I'm in abundance.
But there's a big hole inside of me... only You can satisfy.
What good it is, if I gain the whole world...but lose my soul?

What good it is, if I live up to everyone's expectations...but lose Yours?

I spent my whole life searching for my true identity, my calling, my destiny...
Then I realized, I can only find myself... in You.

I just want to be in Your arms...have a good sleep, and wake up to see Your smile.

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