Saturday, February 6, 2010


I woke up in my bed..covered in a yellow quilt blanket. The weather was very cold...
As usual I snuggled with my little pillow, refused to rise...
Then I saw her in a thick blue blanket, all covered up but I know she's ignoring her snoozing alarm too.
We were both waiting for each other to initiate the "rise & shine" routine... and I am always the one who gave up.
Slipped in my blue slippers, picked up my toiletries and washed myself up with streams of freezing cold water.
Went back to the room, she's still in her bed and the house was still quiet.
Pulled myself to the kitchen, toasted some bread taken from the freezer.
Made myself a bowl of cereals soaked in organic soy milk.
Munched down my breakie in front of the new TV...and the new rug.
She's finally up when I was washing up the plates, and sometimes, he'll be awake and coming down from the stairs, bringing his laptop with him for sure.
He'll plug in his laptop and Planetshakers will be playing from it in no time.
Pan was heated, pancake with honey was serve.
She'll make her cup of Milo of course.
We'll be sitting around the dining table, telling each other about our dreams last night.

Ming, Ryan... I miss 18 Marshall Av, Clayton, Melbourne Victoria.

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傻敏 charmaine koh said...

when i just read this

"I woke up in my bed..covered in a yellow quilt blanket. The weather was very cold..."

i already knew which memory you wanna tell.

ystrday nite i dreamed about him. He said he missed me a lot. then i hugged him, with another guy, then i nvr know who is this guy i was hugging.

Nite before ystrday I was dreaming again, but not him. It's azusa.

ann What's wrong with us?
I miss 18 Marshall Avenue too.

ps:azusa is coming soon, on 17th feb.