Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello 2011.

I have not been blogging. I just saw a total of 52 posts for the past year and it is not even half of the total for 2009. Well, at least there's one post a week on average.

Had a quick glance through what I have recorded for the past year.
Joy, tears, struggles, victories.
Ah... life :)

I actually asked myself this questions weeks ago:
What do I actually feel about everything for 2010?
My answer was: WHAT A MESS!

Well, I have been busy, unorganized, sloppy and most of the time, angry at myself.
Allow me to give myself a big hug *hugs* :)

I started off the first day of 2010 in a leaders retreat camp, got very discouraged on certain things.
Came back and got very sick... :(

Jan: Went on mission trips to Mantin & Seremban - Started to appreciate what we have in church and learn to serve others.

Mac: Onn & Jia got married. | 11 days in Taiwan - a roller coaster ride spiritually & emotionally.

Apr: Work | OK photoshoot experience | Mission trip to Kluang & Batu Pahat

May: More Work | Mission trip to Kota Bahru | En Tong & JC's wedding | 1st sharing experience in Dream Factory

June: iCampus members got baptized | A4J

July: ITEC New Intake started=a lot of work | Dream Factory Anniversary - Broke a record of 100 salvation

Aug: Mission trip to Mantin & Seremban

Sept: TODAY Camp | iCampus Mid Autumn Evangelistic Meeting

Oct: Taiwan Again

Nov: OK Wedding Banquet- 1st experience being an emcee | Hectic crazy working schedule | Crazy things happened to a family member- turned my family upside down overnight | IMPACT Camp

Dec: Mission trip to Kota Bahru | <4320> Christmas Production - 1400 attended, 135 saved.

I got deeply discouraged and madly disappointed with myself for not being a good daughter to my parents, a good staff, a good cell group leader,  a good girlfriend, a good servant of God...

I tried too hard to be "good" and eventually forgot to be "me".
IMPACT CAMP is my turning point.
There's where I started to shift my focus from myself to the Creator.
And miraculously everything just turns out alright...

I am surprise that I manage to pull myself through nearly the whole year in such a mess.
Then the beautiful story came in, Jesus was carrying me through during the toughest time.

Father, You are truly amazing.
I can tell the world with my head held high:
I am totally set free, blessed and anointed to serve my God.

2011, I welcome you with an open heart and do the ONE thing that is needful: to choose the better blessing by pleasing Your heart above all else. (Luke 10:38-42)

Quote from Peg
" This year WILL be a year of stepping into the supernatural, it WILL be a year of dreaming with God of all the impossibilities and seeing it come to past"

An EXCITING and AMAZING journey begins! 


tigger_J said...

hah, for every crazy things happened there's always something amazing behind it...

傻敏 charmaine koh said...

u had meaningful year.

lei ming