Friday, January 7, 2011

morning. goodnight

2nd time in this week.
There's only one thing that will keep me awake til this hour:
designing stuffs for church.

Maybe some may say, nah... it's just a youth bulletin.
You don't have to put in so much effort...

For me,
designing anything is a part of my journey to the DREAM.
Many a times my "clients" will throw me projects and say:
I just want a simple draft, just simply do okay?

Then I will end up like now...
clicking, shortcut key-ing, squeezing my poor eyes in front of the computer.

I just can't "simply" finish any project...
It's a stubborn stupid principle of mine.

I'll give my best whenever I have a chance to do something,
let it be just a little thing...
which will bring me one baby step closer to my dream...

One day,
When people ask about what I do...

"I'm an artist."

*ehem, artist to be exact. :)

gosh, the simple thought of it makes me gay~ I mean happy, just in case :p


傻敏 charmaine koh said...

可以感受到那一份的幸福感, isnt it?

lei ming

= Prince k3ong = said...

your design is really really great le..da po~~~

tigger_J said...

lol....i like ur spirit.... ur art work never fail to impress me....haha..

~first fan u noe!!!