Saturday, December 27, 2008

Love Christmas

Christmas season is a season of love and giving.
A time we spend with our love ones.
Well.. my Christmas day started a bit late
(because Christmas eve ended VERY late ;p)

Jo and I decided to bring granny and sam yee to join us exploring
Tropicana City Mall.
I can't believe I have a SHOPPING MALL next to my house!! >.< seems so near, yet so far ..
We have to go all the way out to NKVE to make it to the entrance.
Granny said: "might as well walk there lah!"
i know she's joking.
it's not really "next" to our house like SS2 Bomba =.="
very spacious...too spacious...
many shops are yet to be opened. well...I'm just waiting for GSC~
(how many times i have to say this!!
Cinema next to my house!! SO AWESOME!! >,<) all of us there.
We had a not so good late lunch in a not so famous cafe.
anyway, no harm trying.

Jo and I decided to make the day by going for a decent Christmas dinner.
We went to Souled Out, Sri Hartamas. so random. hehe
aww...I don't need food to keep me alive ;p
Spent great time together, talk through something deep.
This is the 6th year spending Christmas with you,
and you are as loving as always.
(ahem..ok..and always ;p)

*I'm very reluctant to let Christmas to be over
but ended
with peace , love and hope.
just like the day baby Jesus was born, 2008 years ago.

A glimpse of Campus Christmas Countdown
wait til I get all the pics from Mic.

mush talk: I'm thinking of going for a part time job...I know I won't get pass my mom easily. But at least I should try to stand for myself...for once..maybe?

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傻敏 charmaine koh said...

wat part time job?i want one too.