Saturday, December 20, 2008


Yea...talking about birthday, I've had terrible experiences with my birthdays.

I received a call from the hospital while i was about to cut my cake
The house was empty in seconds, rushing to the hospital
I was left alone with my cake... weeping over my uncle's death.
That was the day when i turned 14.

I was enjoying a sleepover in my best friend's house
She told me that he never liked me
Still putting on a smile during the sleepover..
Went home and cried like hell over the broken pieces of my heart.
That was the day when I turned 15.

I was holding a cup of ice blended mocha in Coffee Bean
My best friend told me that she has an admirer
and I am his admirer
Hell...I went home and patched plasters over my wounded heart again.
That was the day when i turn 16.

I'm officially 22 now, those days were so far away.

As for now, I give thanks every moment for God's blessing over my life.

He put me in such great family, full of love and care.
they are watching TV in this pic...he camera was on he TV =.=

I have cheeky family members too...
Uncle Lazarus & family brought me for Earthquake ;p

Although u all always call me "ning ann jie", but I am always welcome to join the fun.
I feel young and naive again being with u guys :)

My favorite people. Always there for me.
I love serving together with u all~
so happy..although i'm still a professional lonkang cleaner

I thank God everyday for u guys
"Campus Cell is my family"
i'm so sorry to spoil the surprise...haahahhhahaa....
u guys r sooooo farny....esp u la pyee

You are the best thing God has given to me
and the most hopelessly romantic person on earth
i love the flowers on my fence at 12am
i love the bday card made fr television box paper
i love mush mush

22 blessed years
because I have all of you by my side

mush talk: I'm sick of wrapping hampers...80 more to go! =.="


peacefreezer-pik yee said...

erm...actually for the "surprise" in campus cell...ming is the main"organiser" the spoiler...haha...

ang3line said...

haha..means u r not good at lying.
anyway..i truly enjoyed the night!
thank u all lar :)