Sunday, December 28, 2008


After 11 years, I watched this movie on HBO again.
To many people today, It's a classic romance.
To many people at that time, it's a dreadful tragedy.

I remember I cried like nobody cares 11 years ago when I saw Jack died.
Today, I cried again.
Not for the hopelessly romantic couple.

I cried for the dedicated musicians,
they played cheerfully for the panic crowd
they played mournfully for those who were left behind.

I cried for those who forced to accept their fate.
I cried for those who fought to survive.

People spent years and years, tears and sweat to build their lives.
Some people had too much and seek for death.
Some people never have enough and trying so hard to survive.

How many people really understands that
"the dust returns to the ground it came from
the spirit returns to God who gave it"

I don't.
So we continue to lead life in our own ways.
No one is expecting Titanic to sink.
Like no one is expecting their lives to perish.

In the end, I cried for the 7 survivors pulled out of the water after Titanic sunk.
1250 perished.
there were 2o life boats around, only 1 came back for the survivors.

When the end comes,
how many of us will go back for the lost?
1 boat?

I cried.

mush talk: Try listening to "The Hymn to to Ocean" So solemn...

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傻敏 charmaine koh said...

I cried for the couple giving up escaping and holding each other in their arms on the bed.

I cried for the two little kids were not knowing that was their last bedtime story.

I cried when I saw all gentlemen pushing each other for their own survival.

I cried when the woman tried so hard to hold herself not to sink,yet she failed.

11 years ago i watched this,I had never dropped tears for Jack and Rose,but those ppl behind the scene.