Sunday, July 26, 2009


I am trying very hard
to wake up blissfully to a new day
to have breakfast with smiling faces over the table
to just sit down in front of the TV discussing about the program
to talk about happenings over a cup of tea before sleep

I am tired of formal conversation at home
the feeling of being a staff at home
waking up listening to reports from work..
carrying the responsibility even...when I'm home.
wondering around elsewhere... when I'm suppose to be home.

I am trying very hard
to love the feeling of going home.

I know I've been hurt a little too deep this time. But I will be ok.
I still believe things can be better.
and of course, I still love my home very much.


傻敏 charmaine koh said...

my elder brother always face this problem..that's y he acts very rebellious in home, and i observed, he only be very comfortable at home when there is no mom and aunt..

+U la~

lei ming

LoLLipop MiracLe said...

all the best to you