Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The Climb-Miley Cyrus

She's just 16.
I really need to motivate myself.
The thing is, it has been a week after finals...and I'm still living on a messy life. Hah ;p
Days are not entirely meaningless, you know what I mean?
It's that kind of "unsettled" feeling that is bothering me.
Yea, maybe I'm much lucky than those who fall into the "jobless" category straight after uni. I have a secured job, good money I suppose, of course a very bright future, I suppose.
Mom promised me 2 months break.
2 months, I am free to do whatever I want...and then?
It's like "you better enjoy the freedom now" kinda feeling.
It's not that I don't enjoy working with my family business...I've always been working there anyway.


I don't expect anyone to understand...cz I never really tell my true feelings.
Dreams run wild in my mind...and stay there.
I don't understand why am I so afraid to talk to my parents about what is really inside of me.
When I was young, daddy & mommy are my biggest support, my safest fortress.
As I grew up, I start to sense that they have expectations on me.
Of course, I love them very much. I don't wanna make them unhappy.
The pressure on me is sometimes very hard.
The pressure of being the one.
The pressure of being a good girl.

Sometimes... I felt that I am being a bit fake in front of them.
After much struggles inside, I know I will do it.
I do it, because I love you.


geez... Staying awake at night makes me emo.
nvm... so just let me go wild for 2 months.
heee haa~~


greenmilktea said...


i'm feeling very empty too after the exams, and only i realised that all this while my life is about studying and exams?!?!!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!! it shouldnt be like this!!!

傻敏 charmaine koh said...

ystrday i cant sleep until 5am =.=

see somehow you know you will do it.

I support you to pursue your dream, in any kind of way, you know what I mean, so just go ahead.

anyway, dun talk so much first, come hug hug first.


lei ming

傻敏 charmaine koh said...

btw, is the miley cyrus the hannah montana?

looks alike o..

lei ming

LoLLipop MiracLe said...

All the best to you =)

lengleng said...

jia you!~ muacksssss ;)

ang3line said...

din log in for a day and saw 5 comments..all so sweet T__T
jane: i want to talk to u over ikea's breakie & coffee >.<

ming: hugssss my dream never dies!! i will overcome all failures,disappointments & losts!
oh yes she's hannah montana.this song is fr her movie.

lydia:thanks! i need a lollipop miracle! oh ya..nice seeing u in person tat day.

xm:yesh!we jia yo together!!

boonie said...

hey ning ann, that's ok, brick walls are there for a reason. they give us a chance to prove how badly we want things :)

boonie said...

aik that was me, liwun hehe.