Tuesday, July 14, 2009


hm...I think the frequency of me falling sick is real high.

well, here are some of the common reactions:
Jo: Why are you so weak? Next time how to take care of me?
Mom: Why you didn't take good care of yourself?? Sure eat out everytime lar!!
Grandma: Neh!! Always busy lor..go out everyday..late late come back!
Dad: Go eat Yin Ciao San+Sang Ju Yin+Er Chen Tang (Chinese Herbs)


the most beh-tahan comment will be from most friends:
(ofcz in a sarcastic tone)

First of all... I need to clarify this.
I fall sick because yes my body is not as strong...
I was the healthiest child among my brothers when we were young. Hospital visits were part of their childhood but not mine.

Things started to get worse when I was 12. I caught up with a serious cough but neglected it for a long time. Until I was vomiting phlegm and rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with serious bronchitis. Stuck in hospital for 5 days, injecting all sorts of antibiotic ruined my health ever since.

Then, things get better when started jogging and playing basketball during secondary school.
Another bed-ridden incident struck when I was down with unknown viral fever, just before entering uni. Another doses of antibiotics... immune system went zoom down again.

Then... my health condition has never recovered. Sinus problem every morning, eczema skin problem, slow healing wound, abnormal spinal cord curvature, breathlessness, odema problem... you name it.

I felt ashamed of my weak body.
Telling people how to eat healthily...yet falling sick almost once a month.
I know I've been smashing my own signboard, as the chinese saying goes.

I have to clarify that... if I were to do what I preach, I would not be like this.
So my problems are:
1. I sleep late. Very late. Liver detoxification runs between 11pm-2am. I sleep at 3am. All toxic substances accumulate in body hence.

2. I don't exercise. AT ALL. I used love exercising, now I'm just pure l-a-z-y.

3. I seldom eat in my own health cafe. really RARE. cz most of the time I'm out somewhere else. then I love eating out.

4. I am very stubborn. I only take vitamin pills when Im already very sick.

5. I failed to manage my time. I made myself too busy at times, either not eating or over eat. Stressed over many things and worry too much.

I know there are more, but those are the most obvious ones.
So the conclusion is, I did not put in any effort to improve my health condition.
My resources are plenty, my dad is a chinese medicine physician & healthy eating consultant, my mom runs an organic health cafe, my mom's academy is fully equiped with detox sauna, lymphatic drainage machines..etc etc etc...

SO friends, It is totally absolutely my problem.

I am the most stupidest person in the universe.

Well, in order to "safe my signboard". I have to be really dedicated to make things right.
I'm writing it down becaus I want myself to take it serious.
What good testimony can I potray if Isucced in all things but lying on a bed with tubes all over me?

1 Peter 2:24- Jesus Himself bore our sin in His body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righeousness. By His wounds I have been healed.



傻敏 charmaine koh said...

Are u that weak?

still ok ar~


but it's good to say go exercise also, so when play badminton?


lei ming

lengleng said...

take good care of yourself :) muacksss

ang3line said...

ming: hm..recovering slow lo.cz sick d somemore go here go there..din rest well ;p

xm: thanks gal! muacks muacks!

LoLLipop MiracLe said...

Poor little thing, take good care of yourself and I wish you will not fall sick again =)