Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i almost

threw myself out of the window.
being in intervals of total restlessness and over-sleeping turned me upside down.

Recently I have been scribbling here & there...then closed the blog window..
Today I found out that I actually have 20++ saved drafts unpublished!
Mainly because I was bullshitting most of the time so I think it is better not to publish those craps and pollute this nice & friendly blog.
But while reading back at those posts, I realized I wrote better while crapping.
Maybe some secret power unleashed when I'm agitated/intensely confused/very-beh-tahan.
Well I didn't say that I was agitated/intensely confused/very-beh-tahan while writing those entries.

Hm. Maybe today I will try my best not to click on the "x" button after finishing this piece of crap.

So you better be lucky to read this.

Or not so lucky cz here I go crapping somemore.

Let's start with my fb status for today.
"What a birdie day."
Recently I was being "birditized" a lot. I know this is a fairly impolite word to use but well.

are these song lyrics?

I don't know. But this "birding" activity going on now is very unpleasant to me.
I've lost the will to fight back. So I rather sit back and keep quiet.
I did apologized just in case I am really in the wrong.
Nah...then you know I am not sincere in doing so. Haha.

I will learn to forgive too.
Cz people must be very very VERY tulan to actually start "birding" you.
I will give them the room to express themselves without taking heart.

you see...I am so tempted to click "x" now.
my good sense just won't allow me to publish this.

After all I am such a good good girl with a soft and gentle heart.
konon-nya la.


p/s: hahah.. i actually wrote all these...and got them published! forgive my crude emotions. i am still a good good girl with a soft & gentle heart ok :)

hm. I think I'll disallow comments from now onwards cz so many random spammers come disturb my blog & leave links which will bring you nowhere. ish! pollute my nice & friendly blog!!