Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mission must possible.

"You sure you wanna look like this when I propose to you?"

I pulled myself out of bed to gym.

After 20mins on the treadmill...

"Good. I think your legs are still not pass for the short dress you want to wear for our ROM."

I threw myself on the bike for another 20mins.

"That tummy might spoil your wedding gown you know.."

Okay okay.. 3 sets of sit ups.

"Darling you did such a great job :)"

That's my evil personal trainer.

I can only have soup for dinner T_____T

Dear God... I need to shake off that chunk of extra fat...in a month's time.
I know through You I can do all things.
This is Mr Leong's prayer. Amen.


peacefreezer-pik yee said...

haha, smiling while reading, laughing at the end~ yeah, naima u can :D
with love, you can be full even with plain water "p

greenmilktea said...


Chelle said...

lol~ this time it's my turn to laugh all the way reading through your post. good job! keep it up! i'm sure u can do it~ gayao ar..

女飞侠 said...