Tuesday, September 6, 2011

some deep shit moments

I am late for an appointment and...
- my car ran out of fuel
- forgot to reload my Touch n Go card
- my brake lights are still not functioning.

I need to reply an important SMS from my student and...
- my phone's keypad is not functioning
- I'm alone in the office
- I couldn't even call back cz I can't scroll the phone screen to see the number

I came home from a tiring working day and...
- I forgot to bring the house keys (it's 1am)
- my brother just don't feel like picking up the phone
- the worst part......


so here I am..
sitting at my bro's com and blog...
hoping that the cockroach decides to go back to its shitty dark drain and let me bathe.

p/s: hey it's September already!


greenmilktea said...

it's spring!

傻敏 charmaine koh said...

kill this little keong la!! wear ur slipper and step on it!!

and, go and get iphone 5 as ur new hp. haha

lei ming

ang3line said...

greenmilktea: oh spring~ if i go aus for honeymmoon end of July..den it's still late winter..not nice play hor?

ming: cannot!! i dun wan to clean the slippers!! T__T
a bit struggle ler..iphone 5 so exp..

傻敏 charmaine koh said...

no need to clean slipper de la~ the base of slipper memang dirty de ma..

then buy another phone instead of iphone 5..but get a better one la yea.haha

lei ming

tigger_J said...

lol...ann jie scare of cockroach!!! sshh...same here too...XD