Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 things you will do in Full House

1) Comment on the white interior deco.

哇,很白哦!不错不错... 不过,很容易肮脏hor? lame la u.

2) Comment on the hand drawn menu.

3) Take lots of pictures of your food.

ok la..I know nowadays people take pictures of everything on the table.

4) Try on all their shades but not buying any.

I wonder if they do manage to sell those stuffs?

5) Play with the hats.

Repeat: I wonder if they really really do manage to sell those stuffs?

6) Play hide & seek behind the bath curtains.

7) Sit/step inside the bath tub.

so many shoe prints inside wei!

8) Take picture with the car outside.
this is standard

9) Do some drama using everything available as props.

10) But i like this most...

Listening to old stories from Sa
Lame jokes from TH
Happenings from Chew Weng
Be as blurr as J
Laugh as loud as Rue

So... anything familiar for you? :)

mush talk: Bye Jane...will miss you very much.


greenmilktea said...

i'll miss u a lot too

peacefreezer-pik yee said...

wa....u so dream to marry a? haha,kidding....can d la...time enough ady...LOLZ

anyhow,nice pic,nice sharing

ally wan said...

haha~~ ya ...
time enuf ady lo...