Saturday, February 28, 2009


all in Malacca.

Was here for 2 days attending a course on Phytobiophysics (one of many alternative therapies, blog about it later..if i rmb.)
It's a total different feeling after my first visit 17 years ago and my second visit 7 years ago.
Malacca has changed a lot, yet...the same unique ancient taste remains.

Sight seeing journey started after class around 6pm.
Dad brought us to Calanthe Art Cafe.

Coffee from 13 states of Malaysia!
Yes, very unique. They actually brew coffee with beans from each state, each with unique taste, texture & aroma. Dad ordered coffee from Pahang, taste a little sour..I reckon all kopi-O taste sour.
Mine was from Negeri Sembilan. According to the waiter, it has a creamy taste. Em, yes it taste creamy... Well, maybe I can only differentiate latte from mocha =.="
Nice ambiance, with an art gallery attached to the cafe.
There's this cute giraffe, maid & a pretty girl statue outside too.


After coffee, we went for tea.
Not intentional, but we were literally dragged into the tea house by a stranger Indian aunty.

The entrance path is soooo looooong and creeeeepy. Seriously, I wouldn't continue on if the Indian aunty did not insist on "guiding us" in.
"Go straight!! Yes!! Straight!! Don't have to turn back..just STRAIGHT!!!" =.=" well.

But when we finally got in, we can't keep our jaws together.

We were greeted by a HUGE GIRAFFE ASS!!
a statue from Cheng Ho's Museum

ok... So this is Cheng Ho Tea House 郑和茶馆.
Then only we realized we came in from the back door. According to the owner, that's the servant and dog entrance. *汪汪*

Awesome interior!!! AWESOME!! Every single thing has full detail. There's this cute performing stage for electronic puppet show, playing the story of The admiral of fleet from China, Cheng Ho.

There's a beautiful inner garden with a huge wishing bell and Cheng Ho's sailing journey map.


郑和水手井 600 years old water well!!!
throw a coin in and a 600 yrs old Chinese genie might grant you 3 wishes.

This building was originally the store house of Fleet Admiral Cheng Ho. 350years old building! The owner actually hired designers from China and spent 10 for-goodness-sake years only on renovation!! @@ He must be very rich.
Btw, if you find this place familiar, Eu Yan Sang Chinese New Year advertisement was filmed here.
店主说门前对联有“反清复明”之意。 真的看不是很懂lah...

We actually asked the owner how he manage to get profit by just selling tea (max price is RM30 only!!). He said: "I was a marketing person, I think selling tea lets me live longer. This worth everything."
Ok, so he IS very rich.

Dinner time, we were greeted by our tour guide Phoon & Han.
They are the cutest husb&wife in Malacca...ha -.-
Mr Phoon can talk non-stop!!! And he's SO enthusiastic about bringing us EATING!
Dinner at the Geographer Cafe.
This is another one of my favorite cafe!!
Good food, good music.

I love the window upstairs most.
you can just sit there watching people passing by, cars and tricycles traveling across.
like a free TV screen.

Occasionally, storytellers were invited and people can sit around here for old-time favorites.

tok tok chiang!! 讲估佬来啦!

Snack time...
Kuih Tutu, what I call it. Kutu Piring, what the Malaccans call it.
Rice cake filled with dried coconut & gula melaka (brown sugar).

This is the most famous Kuih Tutu stall in Malacca! Even Jason Yeoh 阿贤just interviewed them last Saturday! Taste SERIOUSLY GOOD i tell you!!
Why? because of the gula Melaka!! Gula Melaka taste best in Melaka! .....ha......ha....
A small stall run by 3 family members (Father, Mother & Daughther), just in front of their house. Low capital, good money!
Had a short chat with the owner about Jason Yeoh's visit.
Basically, the owner did not want to accept the interview initially.
Goodness. Jason Yeoh's program is sooo famous, some people "han" also don't get!
But come to think of it, some people are satisfied with what they have. Simple is happiness.

We tried many other good food around Malacca..
Phoon literally went digging & mining for food from busy streets to dodgy corners. So imagine our bloated stomach.

Let's end with a sweet tooth.
Cendol from Makko 麦哥, a famous Baba & Nyonya Restaurant.

What's so special? They blend the ice with high horse power blender (like those in Starbucks). Super fine texure and wont melt until your last serving! Of course, the gula melaka in melaka!

Malacca is a nice place to be.
Not much time exploring this round. I want more ancient, old stuffs next time!

You can see, I'm a very nostalgic person.

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