Thursday, March 19, 2009

So far..

I attended every classes everyday.
That's something unusual when it comes to week 3...

I grew to love uni life a little bit more.
That's something unusual when it comes to my last semester here...

I gave out nearly 20 invitation card in a week.
(ok not's Easter Musical)
5 confirmed on the spot.
That's something unusual when it comes to church event invitation...

I start to spend more time on people around me.
Going the extra miles for them.
That's something unusual after so many years of GGP syndrome.

I know it's not by might, not by power.
It's by the spirit of God.

I can feel that more unusuals are coming...
I can feel that the change I prayed for is taking place.
Be it in the spiritual or physical realm, it's definitely changing.

Ok...It's 2am.
I'm still stuck with the 3 reports due tomorrow 10am.
Brain is still empty while test is on tomorrow 10am.
and I'm staring at my empty coffee cup, blogging.
This is -__- |||

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傻敏 charmaine koh said...

hmm....still confused with hplc...

lei ming