Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Turn off the lights *hey* turn off the lights

I have this really really bad habit.
Whenever I have assignments due very soon, I blog.

Nah, screw it. Nothing is more important than SAVING PLANET EARTH!!

Earth Hour.
I remember participating in Melbourne last year.
Environment care is very common in Australia. Everybody practices it everyday.

Green bags for shopping
We use green bags. Not plastic bags.
To encourage more people using green bags, plastic bags in Australia are SUPER THIN!
A carton of milk and a box of cereals can break your bag =.=.
IKEA does it the hard way. They don't give out plastic bags!! So either you bring your own, or you buy paper bags/the Ikea straw bag there.
No money? Carry your lamp/trash bin/toilet brush home just like that.

Recycle bins
Recycle bins in Australia are for REAL.
Recycle bins in Malaysia are for display purpose.
Well...not all of them lah..
In Australia, we have 3 trash bins in the house.
1 for plastics & paper, 1 for organic leftovers, 1 for the yang lain-lains..

To sum up, people around the world are really putting this into action.
What about us?
If you have not done anything to support environment saving activities, you have a chance!
Support Earth Hour this coming Saturday (28th March 2009)
Simple, turn off the lights for 1 hour starting from 8:30pm.
To go even further, turn off all electrical appliances.

This is not just you, THE WHOLE WORLD is turning black for 1 hour together!
To participate in this meaningful event, Sign up!
Be one of the 5 million participant in Malaysia.

Well, so we are having one hour of darkness this Saturday. What to do?
There are many interesting blogs about what to do during the Earth Hour.
You can't go shopping, because 1 Utama, IKEA, Ikano, The Curve,Sunway Pyramid...all black.
You can't go for coffee, Because Starbucks also black.
Even Google is going black!

I think the best thing is drive to KL(Don't take LRT, KL Sentral station is going black too),
see the city goes dark while listening to Nelly Furtado's "Turn of the light".

See Twin Towers disappear in the darkness. Awesome.

It's not a matter of which country you came from.
It's a matter of what planet you live in.
Together, we can fight global warming. Support Earth Hour.


傻敏 charmaine koh said...

I have a nasty habit as well,whenever i am rushing for assignment/ report, i will just come to browse thru ur blog and leave some words here.

About that 60 earth hours..

I think that time i will spend my time in car, on the way to airport to pick up my mama~!!

so surely,my house will go black as well~ heh

lei ming

ang3line said...

I wonder if KLIA is going dark too?
den the airplane cannot land..
I think not la.