Friday, March 13, 2009

He got himself a new toy

I don't fancy techno stuffs. I don't spend money on techno stuffs.
I own a so so mobile phone and a reasonably-okay laptop.
I don't understand why some people throw in thousands for a pda phone which only serve the purpose of calling, sms, taking poor quality photos and maybe some internet surfing. Some more with GPS system which show the wrong direcion most of the time. (ok, in Malaysia.)
Just like some guys don't understand why ladies go chasing after brown bags with boring alphabets prints.

But, this... changed everything.

TH's new toy
I think it looks a bit like the Eve robot from Wall-E.

iPhone 3G.

It's coming to Malaysia.
I am so tempted.
It's all your fault TH!! >.<
Well...I admit, you won't understand the temptation until you start using it.

for those who wants to know more about iPhone 3G Maxis plans click here.

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