Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Babies in Heaven.

heard a sad news.
Reminds me of this book. "JESSE found in heaven"

If a baby died in the mother's womb... where will he/she be?

Heard this touching story from Ps Christine Pringle during Asia Conference last year.
Below are quoted from CityNews.

" Chris shared deeply about dealing with the loss of an infant, a small child through miscarriage, termination or still birth. Her own personal experience was when she was a young woman, barely 20, pregnant with her first child. Chris (and her husband Phil Pringle) ran a home group for youth in their own home at the time. She was about 15 weeks pregnant when she found herself bleeding one day, a day of her home group. Before the youth group arrived at her house, Chris decided to head home and rest.

As a young Christian, she thought only good things happened to Christians, so she did not think the bleeding was anything serious. But the bleeding got worse, and “I still remember, the youth were singing praises in the next room, and I was in my bedroom, bleeding, losing my baby.” Chris drew no comfort from people telling her “Maybe it is for the best” or “It is going to be all right”. But peace and assurance came upon her when someone told her, “I believe that God is flushing out your body of all the drugs,” in reference to her previous lifestyle before she came to the Lord.

Many, many years later, a friend showed Chris a video of a vision of heaven. After watching the video, she went into her room. There she heard praise and worship, and felt two arms envelope her. Up to that point, she had not grieved for her lost child, but she started crying now. It was as though she was in this incredible bubble where she could just weep and everything was still. She received a vision of a tall, handsome young man with longish hair — and the Lord told her it was her son, Jesse. Heaven, shared Chris, that’s where the babies go when they are lost on Earth. They are rescued by angels and brought into Heaven, where they grow. When she saw Jesse, he was 23 - exactly the age he would be if he had lived. "

There's this poem Ps Christine wrote to Jesse.

During her sharing session, I wept like a baby. Maybe not many of you know... I am suppose to have an elder sister. My mom had a miscarriage after being stung by a bee.
But now I know I will be seeing her in Heaven one day. She must be very beautiful.

Dear M&A, I felt so sorry for your baby. I can't control my tears when I heard the news.
As much as we grieve, we ought to know that little baby is in our Heavenly Father's safe arms. Angels are protecting little baby and we will see him/her one day.

Yes that's for sure.

Updated: Her name is Cassie Ng.

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peacefreezer-pik yee said...

amen, we'll see them 1 day...