Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've always come across this kind of "updates" blogs, so let's make this my first one.
Last Updated: 10.9.09

Waiting for my deposit refund.

Yea I've started working.
Very flexible working hours... too flexible. I never knw when is the right time to go home =.="
I see my boss everyday, almost every moment. So basically I have to be every ready to switch between off-job and on-job modes.
My boss has high expectations on me so it's kinda stressed working with her.
But we can both switch off our laptops at 6pm and rush down for the last episode of "Six Children".
No public holidays in my dictionary...but I can go on a holiday anytime, ofcz with my boss.
Kinda confused, but that's my job.

iCampus officially launched.
Guess I'll have to play the keyboard for the rest of the months this year.
Christmas drama script is ready!
Dream Factory interview next week.

I am on liver detox & gallstone flush program with slimming enhancement.
Working on a 1year secret plan... *hehe*
Started reading "Through the Bible Through the Year"
Still praying for my Canon EOS 500D.

Many unchecked items on my to-do-list.
Still wondering why didn't I go on a holiday for the 2 months break.
Still struggling to correct my sleeping pattern.

Sometimes I think that my life is crap... but who's life isn't?
Move on move on!

oh...2:36am, CRAP.


lengleng said...

u will be the boss soon ;p

GeRlove兴 said...

let me guess ur secret plan...
r it's plan4 wedding?