Tuesday, May 12, 2009


5:00pm - 2000words literature review due.
4:00pm - 1309 words.
4:30pm - 1309 words.

whatever...print first.

4:35pm - sudden down pour of rain.
4:40pm - printer ran out of ink.

Option 1: Replace ink cartridge, print, drift to uni = late submission
Option 2: Drift to uni, hunt for computer, queue for printer = late submission
Option 3: Smash the printer, curl up at corner, cry = late submission

Life is full of options, useless options.

4:45pm - Jing sms: I got your review, printed, handed in.
5:00pm - replace ink cartridge, curl up at a corner, give thanks to God.

Coming to the final final days of uni..
I concluded that without you guys...I can't survive.

Jing: Always kena rush like hell to hand in assignment for me. Even when you are occupied with your own work, you never say no for helping me. T__T

Ming: Provide me with report examples whenever I need them, my midnight partner & alarm clock..

HXuan: My poor partner..always have to do most of the assignment loads. Pleas forgive this non-contributing partner..

MHui: Entertaining me during stressful times..always the cheerful angel.

Sophia: Thanks for helping me with the method of reviewing the articles..

My darling: although u don't understand what is Bacillus licheniformis, but you stay up all night giving me all the support I needed.

Dear Father in heaven...tough time won't last, but tough people last forever.
I am tough because of all the people you place around me, they held me strong.

Darling, jing, ming, hxuan, mhui, sophia: THANK YOU...T__T


傻敏 charmaine koh said...

Same here.
Cheers and Thx you.


lei ming

Cheesilus chocolatum said...

So touched when i read this post! No worries, i've done nothing much but u rewarded me much more with pork knuckles! thanks a lot, for being my fren!