Sunday, May 10, 2009

For J.

When we were young...
we like to make new friends.
we enjoy attending birthday parties.
we prefer to meet friends "in bulk".

When we grow older...
we miss our old time buddies.
we avoid parties & meetings which lack personal touch.
we want quality time with just one or two close friends.

Friends are like wine...the longer you preserve, the finer the taste.
Friends come and go. A well preserved friendship is so rare nowadays.
12 years down the road, you have always been there.
Always, just a call away.
Thank you, so so much.

I know you read my blog now...
so here's a post dedicated for you.

Happy Birthday Jason Kok!
you are one awesome man! this pic.


greenmilktea said...

這裡也借我用1下 hehehe

happy birthday j!!!!!

ang3line said... rental lah! hah

-popjammerz- said...

this is one funny picture really. :P