Monday, May 18, 2009

I broke a record

broke a record of 100 metres sprint.
I think I never ran so fast before...

the most complicated Pharmacology report to date submission --- on time!

I nearly dropped dead after my report paper slipped gracefully into the assignment box.
And for the next hour... I stoned with a blank look.

I did it again. Another LAST minute submission. I'm not sure how many times more I can endure this kind of life.
Jing said: You've surpassed your threshold...yet again!

I think human being is a fantastic creation. We can actually stretch ourselves so much.
There are unlimited potentials in us, awaiting to be unleashed.

Although my kind of 'unleashing potential' is not exemplary...
but embarrassingly, I look at today's achievement in awe.

Anyway, let's not celebrate too soon.
Wait till the results are out.

p/s: I think pervant's story is lagi canggih. >.<

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傻敏 charmaine koh said...

how canggih it is?

lei ming