Monday, May 11, 2009

For V.

[Backdated post]

This day last year, we embarked on a wonderful traveling journey together.

We traveled on a train from Brisbane to Gold Coast (12 stations) with a 4 stations ticket and survive 2 rounds of police checks.

We reached the airport realizing it was closing down and ought to stay out in a WINTER NIGHT.

We reached Sydney without doing any research on where to go but finally ended up in so many wonderful places.

We got up the wrong train, got conned and ran like hell with our huge luggage chasing for our flight back to Melbourne.

We boarded the plane finally at the wee last minute and both thank God and nearly cried.

We camwhored like there's no tomorrow and got ourselves memorable and nice pictures.

Miss those days and definitely looking forward for the next!
I treasure the memories we shared so much :)
I believe after many years down the road, we will still laugh out loud thinking of these experiences.

Happy Birthday to you biao jie~
It's such a blessing having a big sister like you.

(I can't face my fattening self during that time so I chose not to post up the pics, the shadows are nice anyway ;p)

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