Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It has been a while...

since I last sit down quietly and think through about life.
I always wonder why,
it's the same table, same settings, same songs playing through the same headset.
The feeling is not there anymore.

I have drawn away for quite long,
I have been settling for a comfortable life.

If life is a straight path heading towards the goal,
with many obstacles along the way.
I have been choosing the detour instead of conquering what's in front.

Too many alternative paths have been taken.
My choice has always been the easiest way out.
I've strayed away from the main path and I can barely see where I am going anymore.

I need to reactivate my GPS...
It has been rusty...I don't know if it works anymore?
But at least I should try...

God.Positioning.System ---- activated.


Anonymous said...

beep beep.

ang3line said...

verifying password...
logged in.

welcome carmen leong!