Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY Day 2 & 3


As mush talked in last post, CNY day 2 is KUNG FU DAY~
We got some complementary tickets to "Happy Shaolin Legend" Kung Fu Musical Drama...sort of..ha.. VVIP tickets somemore, how good it is :)

So you can see monks dancing with their kung fu moves
or they are doing their kung fu in dancing moves?
the story revolves around the life of a Shaolin monk.
How he went under his master, learn about kung fu and wisdom in life,
resisting temptation, achieving "Zen" and finding joy.

See... this is just like when we were young
feeling very high after watching kung fu shows
but xuan is holding his half-eaten fan shu & feng with the umbrella
mempersiasuikan betul.

He is the youngest actor in the show, lead actor le wei.

Then we went to stay a night in Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi
you know..peak season, people everywhere...
the room we booked in advance kena taken.
no choice...

really big bird jumping around the street.
so AWESOME French-style 3 bed rooms suite!
The suite is soooo HUGE....
Can you see the JACUZZI?? yo!! >.<
and we got it for a super low price..
want to know how? dun wan tell you.


another family portrait there
we are one big crazy family

French Village morning...chill~Japanese Tea House
actually we've been here for N times, sien abit.
but we discovered this new thing!

see we so OMM!
also very siahsui lar...haha
we tried out everything and came out with bruised hands, sprained ankles, backache and dirty bums. what joy!

then we went to our supplier's organic farm to get veges

first time trying freshly plucked mulberry >.<!

we went home super exhausted and extremely happy!

what? I didn't talk much on the Shaolin Kung Fu Show?
Well... frankly speaking, not much of excitement for me
the storyline is also a bit too boring.
they put up a lot of basic kung fu steps but lack of kung fu stunts
Maybe we've watched too much Shaolin Kung Fu on TV teeheee.

BUT.... I find this very very amusing.

goodness gracious
tell me they are not kung fu pandas from "Kung Fu Panda"

mush talk: hmm..I think I am really enjoying CNY this year. Bai Nian tomorrow! okiameatingallthetimeimustprayveryhardandaskgodtocastawaytheevilfatsasap

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