Sunday, January 4, 2009

last year

I love to see people writing about their memoir in blogs
especially with pictures.
2008 has been an awesome year.
Hope you'll enjoy mine.

I realized half of 2008 was spent in Australia.
My days in this foreign land changed my life.

landed 11.2.08

Melbourne is a wonderful place

Planted in the most awesome church I've been to.
Planetshakers City Church
Urban Life Unit 16
PlanetUNI Camp
Beautiful Woman Conference
Changed my life and still changing.

I've been travelling

I love my travel partner Vivien :) "just the 2 of us"

I found a street named over me "Ann Street"

Gold Coast
I'm a new member of Mystery Machine, flew with Superman in a 90 degrees free fall, dated Batman and Robin

I learned a new language
i miss Ishida sensei

11.7.08 back in Homeland

My dear bro and sis got married 25.10.08

Bought my first laptop

Bonded close with familywe celebrated lots of birthdays =.=

Met many old friends
even primary school teachers! >.<

Get hot in church

Youth Camp 08, Campus Cell launch, Asia Conference Singapore, Christmas

Sometimes things got me up the wall...
I can go kee siao studying

and the "yang lain lain"...
Became a rock star (ok..I'm just the keyboardist with the electric guitar)
Got very very sick with eczema
Hooked up with some hot ang mos
Monash Ball
Jessie turned 21
Took up some horny piano lesson
(hahhhahhhahaaah..some advertisement in Australia papers)

2008 we grew up a little
and still going strong
thank you for putting up with me when I'm unreasonable
You have been my comfort and strength

I looked back those days
I give thanks to my Heavenly Father
for He has brought me through
each and every good times, tough times


mush talk: omg i spent 3 hours on this post... =.= all bcz of photo editing's fault. somebody....PLS BUY ME A DSLR!!!

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