Wednesday, January 7, 2009

we use to hang out here

Yippie Cup Bubble Tea Cafe & Restaurant

Best bubble tea in PJ & KL...some say Sg Long...
ok crap.
oh I like their fried dumpling & french toast.

Love the ambiance
I'm thinking of doing this to my toilet lamp

Chocolate MT for him
Original MT for me
our style :)

You can have your MT with added pearls or jelly
I'll have the jelly
He'll opt for pearls
They are very generous with pearls

see i told you.
he's going to kill me

and they have obscene toilet sign

of course I will berhati-hati


greenmilktea said...

haahhaha TH...image gone

ahching said...

r u sure u want to do that to the toilet's lamp?dont u scared of the lipas hiding there?!lol!

ang3line said...

yo!!! >.<