Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reunion and First Day

Chinese New Year has always been a major event for our family.
Enjoy some pictures taken during reunion dinner & 1st day of CNY.


The variety and amount of food made us Fatt Choi
"Fat San Choi" (肥身材)

It was wonderful...great food great company
grandma said next year she's not cooking anymore
so smart me came out with a brilliant idea
all of us grandchildren will contribute a dish

but end up with the menu of:
Viv - Half boiled egg
Ann - Steam egg
Sam Yee - Scramble egg
Mian & Fren - Fried egg
Xuan - Fu Yong Dan

So grandma swallow back her words.

First Day of CNY

Since everybody is all dressed up
off we went to The Curve
I seriously think all shopping malls are cutting budget on CNY deco.


The Teays

The Leongs. The Big Chin. The Small Chins
A word for you:
I felt a little for you...
9 years ago there was 4
last years there was 3
mayb u will later on be the only one with us
but we really do love you very much

The old Chins


Photos came out funny and failed when...

one person is ready but everyone is not ready

everyone is ready but one person is too happy

or one person is too happy and make everyone else not ready

Chinese New Year has always been the glue for our family
we get together and bond closer
We all know the very reason why we gather around every year
After reunion dinner that night
I went into grandma's room to massage her legs
she told me that this is the best CNY ever for her
I can feel that she is truly happy to see us together
I don't know how many years she will be around...
so I promise myself
I want to make her happy every year

I love my family

very much, seriously.


mush talk: Shao-Lin Kungfu tomorrow woohoo~

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