Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year is around the corner...

and I'm so stuck in the shop working til 10-11pm every night.
Come home and find myself either stuck in front of the TV or laptop
doing random stuffs... til wee morning..
Where is my summer holiday?

My colleague is planning to take an early leave this Friday
means I need to take her place and go no where.
Customers busy buying new year stuffs and sweep their cards like Touch n Go..

Drive to shop...jam parking everywhere...bak gua smell everywhere...

some people is really good at discouraging people..
just a simple reply will drown me 1000 feet under.
well, mayb they are discouraged too.

Some people encouraged me this week however...
I'm not that good trust me.
but... at least I dun feel so discourage anymore.

I'm finding myself a little lifeless...finding my passion...
yet forgetting what my passion really is
and... I finally did this in my blog...

oh ya btw did I mention that I'm an expert hamper wrapper?
choose the stuffs u like and i'll wrap for u.
or give me a budget and I'll choose the stuffs I like and wrap for u and u give it to me.
Healthy organic products inside
ideal for CNY gifts.

now I'm doing advertisement =.=


傻敏 charmaine koh said...

"bak gua smell everywhere..."

Hah~!! This is funny!!!

When u start your holiday?I mean from your shop. hoh

lei ming

ally wan said...

happy cny