Sunday, June 14, 2009

A4J Conference Day 4 Session 7

Session 7 Ps Philip Mantofa

Love is the Principle of Everything We Do.
1Cor 7:8-9

1. Love is purposeful
- We have a purpose in what we with others and what we do to others.
- So that we may be careful in everything we do as everything comes from God's will.

2. Love is regretful
- Not regretful for the righteous actions, but just because you feel for the others.
He shared about his story with his son.
One day he caught his son kicking his grandmother after watching the movie Kungfu Panda. hehe.. He love his son but he also needs to discipline him. So he took away his favorite toy as a punishment. Thinking that his daddy will return his toy later on...the kid took it easy. However, after many days, the kid realized that his dad is not going to give him back although he pleaded so much. When he knew the truth, he cried and cried until he fell asleep in daddy's arm. Ps philip felt so heartache seeing his son in such despair. Many times he wanted to just give him back the toy. But the Holy Spirit told him not to do so, we are suppose to be responsible for wrongdoings.

Ps Philip said he was haunted by our ugly face the day before when he shared about hell... hehehe...and the felt so heartache when he made all pastors cried. He speak the truth in love but the truth hurts. He love us so much that he have to do that to us in order for us to be circumcised and clease off all our ungodly attitudes.

He did not regret hurting us, but he is regretful for our feelings.

I can relate to his feelings to his son. I remeber when I was a kid, I used to suck my thumb a lot..(>.<) Knowing that it's a bad habit and very unhygienic, my dad punished me when he caught me doing that. He brought me up and locked us in a room. He asked me to show him which hand i used to suck my thumb. I was so scared and showed him my right hand. There came a huge rotan and I cried like mad cz it hurts... I cried and cried on the bed and he lied beside me watching me cry without saying anything at all. I cried myself to sleep... and I can feel him patting me on my back. My dad loves me, he did that out of deep love for me. But he is regretful for causing hurt in me. How can a dad feels nothing when he sees his little girl cry?

3. Love is grateful
- Our relationship with God does not directly change the relationship of us with people, unless we can interpret what we got from God into normal life.
-If we know how to be grateful, we will be like a king. People will serve you not because they have to, but because they want to.

If love is the principle of everything we do, then we are willing to do everything for love.

This is the last session. Surprisingly, I was expecting some kind of prayer session or impartation going on, but it ended...SUPER FUNNY. Read my next post.

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