Thursday, June 25, 2009

C***bank in the City.

The staff called you at 5pm and ask you to be there immediately to sign some documents.
You are in PJ, the documents are in KL...did I mentioned it's 5pm?

You talked to the staff for 15min just to explain that you are staying very far away and even if you go there immediately, you will only reach there to knock on the TUTUP sign.

Fine, she agreed to meet you 9:30am next morning.
You bring your gf along, ordered a breakfast set and made her wait at the lobby while you go see the confused staff.

All-in-one breakfast set at San Francisco Coffee, C***bank building.

She finished the scramble eggs and you finished up her pancake when you are done.

Ok..not quite done. The confused staff sent your stuffs for HR department processing and expect you to be back and sign more documents at 2pm. Did I mentioned it's only 10am now?

You took your gf for a LRT ride and both of you ended up in KLCC.
She started camwhoring and you just have to give her 10 continuos cute poses for her collection.
KLCC in a ball. oooh i like it.

Both of you ran into a long queue at TGV cinema and realized that today is the premier of Transformers 2! ( I wonder why when people say it's premier but the movie has been screening for many days before the premier already)

Since it's only 11am, you got nice seats for a really awesome show!

The thing is... the confused staff called you TWICE in between the movie telling you to get back there and sign...whatever. Hello? isn't it 2PM??!!

So after the movie you literally dragged your gf to run with you back to the LRT and back to C***bank.

Your gf waited at the lobby again...but it took forever for the...whatever to process and she decided to go to a nearby McD. You can't wait any longer either and joined her for lunch.
So it's 2:15pm.

Both if you had lunch. waited. Got bored. Buy ice-cream. Waited. Got very bored. gf started camwhoring again.waited.
It's 4:30pm. You got a little impatient. (Hello? you should be VERY impatient by now!)
The confused staff did not pick up your call.

Finally she called.
"Boleh tunggu lagi ke?"
"Sampai bila?"
"Macam pukul 8pm..."

Both of you starred at each other thinking should you take the LRT ride again..
You decided to re-confirmed the time and called.

"Actually I pun tak sure document tu akan siap bila lah... Mungkin tak siap hari ini juga."

Thank God you called.
"Esok....bila sudah siap, call I. Call I...bila SUDAH siap."

You woke up at 7am, sign some documents, watched a movie, and the rest of the time---waited.
It was close to 5pm, your eyes are heavy, stucked in heavy traffic, watching your gf sleeps...

I hope tomorrow you don't have to wait much, cz your gf is not joining the fun anymore.

what's her paper on Monday again? Is she having a paper?

Mush talk: someone just drifted to my place just to copy some lecture 2am. people are desperado while I'm blogging and chilling.


greenmilktea said...


talking about efficiency of malaysians.....hmmm... hahahahah

i just had my written paper yesterday, my 1st exam, when the last bunch of ppl were sitting for their last paper...faint

but 1 more week, then i'm done!!yay!!

ang3line said...

yea..hey i think my chance of going over is very meek ady.. it;s getting serious.. T___T i wan to cry...

peacefreezer-pik yee said... called malaysia...luckily not friday o...if not...lagi pening