Sunday, June 14, 2009

The man behind the altar.

I mentioned that Ps Philip is a bold and fierce man, full of God's anointing and power. But...when you get to know the super cheeky side of him, I think you would probably faint.

After sharing about love, Ps Philip wanted to show us that he loves us and he will put it into action.
Everyone was thrilled when he said he brought gifts for ALL OF US! Although I doubted a bit cz hello, there were 1000 of us! But pastor wont lie right.. so we were very excited.

He pulled out a huge paper bag... and it contains all the gifts for us. Then I was thinking maybe he wants to give us sweets... cz that bag can't fit anything big for 1000.
He invited the organizing committees, hospitality team and drivers up the stage. They lined up excitedly until....he pulls out a laundry bag from the hotel room........

He wanted to let us bring home a gift from him but there was no time for him to do any shopping... and hence, he brought everything available from his hotel room....... =.="

Some got toothbrush, tea bags, shower cap.... omg...I was laughing non stop even when Im typing... HAHA...
He was laughing like mad also...he went: "Ok let's see what else I have... COTTON BUDS!! AHAHAHAHAH.!!!!" Need not to mention Ps Ewen beside him...his expression of disbelieve for Ps philip's "act of love". We know he was struggling in interpretating... “哦...你拿到...HAHAHA...沐。。浴。。露。。。AHAHAHA” So we literally saw 2 men laughing like mad on the stage with all committees recieving a piece of face tissue from him... and ofcz we laughed til we teared.

The climax was when Ps Ewen got a roll of TOILET PAPPER from Ps philip... omg I REALLY BEH TAHAN HIM...

In the end, he distributed nuts for all of us. And the 2 boxes of nuts were given by the hospitality team to him. Someomore he want to mentioned that he ate some so we can have the remnants...

But the nuts were not enough for all of us...then Ps Ewen donated his toilet roll so that each one of us can have a little piece...

Ps Jonathan asked us to bring home and laminate it and keep it in our bible for life. Cz it's a piece of "anointed toilet tissue" from Ps Philip. A gift in memory of A4J 2009.

Seriously, I will.

You can see it in his eyes, you can feel it from his words.
He loves us so much. He loves Malaysia so much.
The mark he left in our lives, will shine forever.
We love you Ps Philip.

Dear God... although I spent my revision time in this conference, even now Im still spending time recording all these..but I felt so loved, so full..that I must share Your vision for Malaysia to others. I have no regrets. No matter what is the outcome. Cz in You, I commit my life.

Shifted, spiritually. The change is very subtle... not very dramatic. But I can see changes going on everyday... in my words, thoughts, actions and relationship .. changed, and still changing.

Next year, A4J 2010 --- we are going to a STADIUM! I urge you, register and reborn!

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peacefreezer-pik yee said...

i urge they really book a stadium nx year ^^... and doesnt clush with my industrial training nx year...hahahaha