Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A4J Conference

A4J Conference! A4J 国度复兴特会
Venue:FGA KL Main Sanctuary
Dates: 10/6 - 13/6

7pm Night sessions are open for public.
So if u guys are free, pls join.
Rev. Philip Mantofa will be speaking.

*** 12/6***7pm****

"Trip to Hell 地狱之旅"
by Rev. Philip Mantofa

this is a very very special meeting! 千载难逢的机会!
cz he seldom share about his experience of visiting HELL!!
so scary...but I believe it will be POWERFUL!!
last year he didn't even start the sharing but so many people accepted Christ.

So..dun miss this opportunity!
bring your friends & family!!

A4J conference has left a huge impact in churches of Malaysia last year
read more and even more from pyee's blog.

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